February 1, 2023

Covering the hallways and preparing your home for Christmas may seem like a mammoth task to some.

But now a Twitter user has revealed his neat trick that will save a lot of time and effort when setting up a new Christmas tree.

Dylan McGuire, from Waterford in Ireland, broke down the hack Twitterwho posted a picture of his tree wrapped in cling film.

He commented, “My tree wrapped in cling film like this last year. This year it took seconds to open it with a knife and because I kept all the decorations on it.”

Twitter user Dylan McGuire, from Ireland, has revealed his neat trick that will save a lot of time and hassle when setting up a new Christmas tree

“It didn’t take me long to decorate it. Will definitely do that again.’

Fans went wild for the post, which has received 16,500 likes and 1,264 retweets.

One wrote: ‘great stuff’, while others wrote ‘legend’ and ‘this is brilliant’.

Others praised it for being “cat-proof,” while another noted that the tree kept all of its needles—perhaps not realizing it’s a fake.

Fans went wild for the post, which has received 16,500 likes and 1,264 retweets, with many praising the idea

The hack comes after another social media user showed how to create a ‘fireworks effect’ on a Christmas tree.

Teana, from Melbourne, has been viewed over a million times on TikTok since she posted her unconventional tinsel trick.

It involves wrapping tinsel around a single branch and then snipping off the excess with scissors.

She then proceeds to cut the strands of tinsel – saying the process only takes 30 minutes to make an entire tree.

Her trick was a hit on social media.

“I was skeptical at first, but the end result looks amazing,” one woman wrote.

‘So cute. I’m obsessed,” wrote a second.

Another mother of two who spent £800 on Christmas gifts has revealed how she cut her family of four’s holiday celebrations to just £300.

Stacey Victoria, 35, a stay-at-home mom from Huddersfield, says she’s adopted a three-point plan to save money this Christmas – with second-hand gifts, discounted supermarket items and homemade decorations.

With just a pair of scissors, Teana, from Melbourne, wraps the tinsel around a single tree branch tip and snips away the excess to reveal the desired firework effect

Teana recommends using Christmas tinsel that contains a wire, as the wire helps wrap and hold the individual tree branches better

The mum – who has managed to feed her family of four on £40 a week amid the cost-of-living crisis – explained: ‘We have had to make huge cuts as a family to still be able to try and make a living preserve what we have and enjoy it.’

Instead of buying new toys for her two children, the thrifty parent is now making the most of local charity shops and has bought three second-hand gifts for her eldest daughter for just £20.

She said: ‘I grew up doing car boot sales every Sunday since I was four and now my girls do the exact same thing. In the past, I’ve always made sure to search high and low in the thrift stores as well.

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“But this year I used them more than ever. You not only buy and donate second-hand items, but you also donate to charities that are undoubtedly also having a hard time.’

Stacey Victoria, 33, with her daughters Emily and Isabelle. The frugal mother-of-two spent £800 on both of their gifts but has now cut the family’s entire Christmas budget to £300

The smart mom says she’s making the most of charity shopping amid the cost of living crisis. Pictured: A £1 cardigan that Stacey bought for her daughter

Stacey opts for homemade decorations this year to save money. Pictured left: A gold-sprayed Halloween pumpkin. Pictured right: The mother had her daughters make snowflake decorations from lollipop sticks to display around their home in Huddersfield