February 9, 2023

The Prince and Princess of Wales have no plans to see Harry and Meghan despite both heading to the US East Coast.

William and Kate will fly to Boston on Wednesday for the start of a three-day trip to the United States, the highlight of which will be a glitzy awards show event on Friday, described by a source as the prince’s ‘Super Bowl’ moment. .

Experts have said it is highly significant that the couple’s first trip abroad since the Queen’s death is to the United States, where they will try to ‘restore the balance’ after the damage Harry and Meghan have inflicted with their attacks on the family. Real in the American media. .

And just 200 miles from Boston, in New York, William’s estranged brother and his wife will also be in the spotlight, accepting the Ripple of Hope award in New York hosted by another branch of the Kennedy family, Robert’s daughter F. Kennedy, Kerry, Tuesday.

There are no plans to see Harry and Meghan, despite being in the same part of the world.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are traveling to the United States this week, but there are no plans to see Harry and Meghan, despite being in the same part of the world.

Controversially, Kerry Kennedy has said that the Ripple of Hope award partly acknowledges the Sussexes’ stance in opposing institutionalized racism in the royal family, accusations that have been strongly rejected by the royal house. The queen seemed to deny it in a rare statement before she died.

With speculation about Harry and Meghan’s upcoming Netflix docuseries, sources insisted Wales “won’t be distracted by other things.”

and according to the Telegraphciting a foreign office source, while the palace team is “very aware” of Meghan, 41, and Harry, 38, “they are not afraid of their shadows on this.”

Despite being in the same part of the world, only days apart, multiple sources have said they have “no plans” to see each other. Royal experts have repeatedly said the siblings are no closer despite their grandmother’s death in September.

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They stayed only yards from each other in Windsor before and after Her Majesty’s funeral, but are not believed to have spent any time together except on formal occasions.

But as much as the royals try to focus on Earthshot, William is likely to face questions about Harry and Meghan, who have repeatedly criticized the royal family.

They accused royals of racism and ignored Meghan when she was suicidal and pregnant, in interviews with Oprah Winfrey and other US media.

Billie Eilish also supports the Prince of Wales Earthshot Prize in Boston

Billie Eilish also supports the Prince of Wales Earthshot Prize in Boston

Cate Blanchett (pictured) will narrate a look back at the 2021 winners at the glowing reception.

Cate Blanchett (pictured) will narrate a look back at the 2021 winners at the glowing reception.

The Netflix series ‘The Crown’ also resurrected some of the House of Windsor’s most troublesome moments just as the royal family tries to show that it remains relevant in modern, multicultural Britain in the aftermath of the Queen’s death.

“You could say that the royal family, particularly when it comes to the United States, has had a bit of a bumpy ride of late,” said Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine.

Harry and Meghan will receive a Ripple of Hope award

Harry and Meghan will receive a Ripple of Hope award

“They’ve gotten a lot of flak for the back of ‘The Crown’ and also for the Oprah Winfrey interview, which hasn’t reflected particularly well on Windsor House, so I think it’s a good opportunity while they’re on the US … to correct the balance if possible’.

Billie Eilish, Annie Lennox and actor Rami Malik will headline an all-star lineup for the Prince of Wales’s Earthshot Prize when he and his wife roll out the red carpet across the United States this week.

William, 40, is passionate about the awards he devised to highlight individuals and organizations developing practical solutions to the global environmental crisis.

The five winners will each receive £1 million in prizes, so the stakes are high.

Sources say he sees Earthshot as part of his growing “global leadership” role. “It’s a great moment for him on the world stage,” added one.

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William and the Princess of Wales, who are making their first overseas visit since the Queen’s death and receiving their new titles, are “hugely excited” about the trip and see it as a key moment in forging their own paths as members of the royalty. .

They are eager to meet members of as many local communities as possible while visiting a city famous for its Irish community, sporting heritage and history.

In addition to attending a special event with Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, the prince will visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum with Caroline Kennedy, the former president’s daughter,

The prince and princess will learn about the work local organizations are doing to mitigate the risk of sea level rise in Boston and will tour Greentown Labs in nearby Somerville to learn about the development of innovative green technologies.

They will also spend time at Roca, a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged and vulnerable youth.

It’s a theme Kate will take with her to the world-famous Harvard University when she visits the Center for the Developing Child.

In 2021, Kate launched her own Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, which is working with organizations to help young people between the crucial formative ages of birth to five.

However, Friday night’s gala awards ceremony is undoubtedly the focus of his visit and William has harnessed his real star power to attract a host of celebrity endorsements.

Boston was Earthshot’s natural home in the US, as the awards were inspired by JFK’s Moonshot, which was born in the city.

Other names set to perform at Boston’s MGM Music Hall include Ellie Goulding and Beyoncé proteges Chloe x Halle.

A royal source said: “The award has become the prince’s Superbowl moment of the year, and he looks forward to continuing to use the platform each year to shed light on some of the most impactful projects doing amazing things around the world to save our world.” future of the planet

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Among the 15 finalists competing for £1 million awarded to each of the five category winners are a cleaner burning stove initiative in Kenya and a bubble barrier made in the Netherlands to prevent plastics from entering the the oceans.

There are also first-time UK finalists, with two British entrants selected.

Notpla Hard Material – a start-up run by Pierre Paslier and Rodrigo García González in London – makes packaging from algae and plants as an alternative to single-use plastic, and has already produced more than one million takeaway boxes biodegradable for the firm Just Comer.

The other UK finalist, County Durham-based Low Carbon Materials, uses non-recyclable plastic waste to make traditional zero-carbon concrete blocks.

The royal source said: “Inclusion is a key part of Earthshot’s mission. This year’s nominees hail from all corners of the globe and truly showcase human ingenuity at its best. From indigenous leadership in Australia to women-led solutions in Kenya, diverse stories and solutions are at the heart of the award.

“Inclusion will also be a key part of the larger journey: During our time in Boston, the prince and princess will meet with Boston-based indigenous leaders.”

Sir David Attenborough, a supporter of the Earthshot Award since its inception last year, will give voice to the show’s opening, while Oscar-winning actress and member of the Earthshot judging panel, Cate Blanchett, will narrate a look back at the award winners. 2021.

Malek, who played singer Freddie Mercury in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, will present an award as will actress Catherine O’Hara, star of Home Alone and Schitt’s Creek, as well as environmental activist and actress Shailene Woodley.

John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline, and grandson, Jack Schlossberg, will also lend their support.

The awards will be broadcast on the BBC in the UK on Sunday at 5:30pm, with other links to broadcast them in the US and across Africa. It will also stream on YouTube in the rest of the world.