February 9, 2023

The prince told ITV that his family had “shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile.”

But sources said it was the King’s opinion that they would reconcile. “What father does not forgive his son?” he added.

Jonathan Dimbleby, the veteran broadcaster and friend of King Charles, also believes that the King will be keen to close the gap to try to move on.

Charles with Harry and Diana with William in Highgrove, England, in 1986.Credit:Tim Graham/fake images

speaking on the bbc Today program, said he believed Charles would be “extremely hurt, very frustrated and anxious” to come to a resolution with his son. But, Dimbleby also said: “If he (Harry) wants reconciliation, I don’t understand how you do it by metaphorically sitting in your Apache firing random shots at people who aren’t going to respond, as he must know full well. ”

Harry may have used his memoir to accuse his father of being distant and not holding him in the darkest moments of his life, but he also peppered it with tender anecdotes that convey genuine warmth.

Among them, he revealed that Charles often used to ask his son to write to him instead of calling him, as he “loved” his letters. He referred to his child as “darling boy” and when Harry confided that he had been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, he referred him to a doctor before suggesting that it was his fault and that he should have helped him. years ago.

The King also empathized with his youngest son when photographs of their wild night in Las Vegas playing nude pool appeared in a tabloid newspaper.

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Although he was “baffled”, Charles said he too had “felt” exposed on many occasions and Harry said they chatted that night about his unusual life for a long time, having found common ground.

The King would also leave notes under his son’s pillow and sit on the edge of his bed until he fell asleep, knowing that he was afraid of the dark.


A royal source said it was not surprising to anyone who knew the king that Harry had presented the image of a sensitive and thoughtful man whose failings were blamed solely on his upbringing.

They said: “It would have been strange if Harry had painted anything more than a tender portrait of his father. They were very, very close and it would be impossible to hide that reality if you wanted to write your whole story.”

The source said that while it was “not a reason to celebrate”, the fact that the Prince has not reintroduced his father as part of the narrative will preserve the “authenticity” of their relationship.

“You can even test the mechanism that binds them together,” they added.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to be invited to the King’s coronation in May, despite various allegations against the palace.

The Telegraph, London

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