January 28, 2023


The fun-loving Wales WAGs are putting the shaming on their opponents by performing cartwheels and taking back shots.

England’s women and girlfriends were seen staring at the stands last week as they yawned, while their carefree counterparts were having a boozy night.

Wales women seem to have enjoyed a lot of high jinks and made the most of their trip, in case they had to return home earlier.

According to photos they shared on social media, they had an al fresco lunch at Nammos, Qatar.

The action was also shared by the sisters. Annie Wilson, the sister of Harry Wilson, did a daring cartwheel and crashed down onto a coffee table.

Annie Wilson attempted a cartwheel

Annie Wilson showed off her cartwheeling skills

Annie Wilson, the sister of Harry Wilson, threw herself from her cartwheel attempt and laughter broke out.

Before the party started, there was a sumptuous meal served at a long table next to the beach.

Two bikini-clad WAGs including Jodie Francis, 24, the fiancée of player Chris Mepham, were seen downing shots, while another appeared to be necking vodka straight from a bottle.

The video shows Annie Wilson (sister of Harry Wilson footballer) performing a daring cartwheel, before she crashes down on a coffeetable amid laughter from high-spirited people.

The WAGs soaked in a pool and then at sunset, the 19 women posed for a memorable beach group photo including Rebecca Naylor, girlfriend of Leicester keeper Danny Ward, MK Don star Matt Smith’s fiancée Emily, 23, and Nicole Hagan, who has been linked to Nottingham Forest full-back Neco Williams.

Jodie Francis and Saara Sa

Jodie Francis and Saara Sa

Jodie Francis and Saara Sa enjoyed the shots while they party on a Qatari beach.

While England's wives and girlfriends were seen yawning in the stands last week, their carefree Welsh counterparts held a boozy party

England’s women and girlfriends were seen staring at the stands last week as they yawned, while their more carefree Welsh counterparts held an open party.

The Welsh WAGs, including Saara Sa, Nicole Hagan, Taya Williams and Amaya Schwarzer, partied away on the beach

The beach was where the Welsh WAGs partied, which included Saara Sa, Nicole Hagan and Taya Williams.

Two of the WAGs, including model Jodie Francis, were pictured enjoying the Qatar sun

Nicole Hagan and Jodie Francis

The Welsh WAGs were photographed relaxing on the Qatar beach. Pictured left: Chris Mepham’s fiancée Jodie Francis and midfielder Matt Smith’s partner Emily. Pictured Right: Nicole Hagan and Jodie Francis

The WAGs partied away on a beach in Qatar

The Welsh WAGs stand around a table as they enjoy a Qatari feast on the beach

Before the party got started, a delicious feast was served on a long table by the beach. 

Welsh WAGs pose for a picture on the beach in Qatar, as their partners prepare to face England

While their partners are preparing to face England, Welsh WAGs take a photo on the Qatari beach.