December 9, 2022

Two-thirds of San Francisco residents say their city is going downhill due to widespread homelessness, crime and rising housing costs — and a third plan to leave the city within three years, according to a dismal new poll.

A survey of 1,653 adults found that 65 percent said the city was declining, while 37 percent said they would be living elsewhere in three years. A whopping 84 percent of over-65s said they plan to leave.

It paints a bleak portrait of an iconic city famed for its Golden Gate Bridge and colorful ‘Painted Ladies’ homes plagued by poor leadership and urban decay, where the sight of addicts firing on sidewalks is now all too common .

The poll echoes comments in an op-ed for today by columnist and author David Marcus, calling the city a “raunchy, drug-ravaged pit of human misery” and criticizing its leaders who “have no idea how they look like themselves.” have to get ‘from’.

Marcus graphically tells ‘complete hopelessness in the eyes of ghostly souls who drag themselves down the street in search of their next solution’ and ‘dirty tent cities that reek of human excrement and are littered with needles and pipes’.

A homeless man injects fentanyl into his friend’s armpit, due to a lack of usable veins, as people pass near San Francisco City Hall in early September

“There’s no cop to be found for sprawling, neglected byways,” Marcus wrote of the city’s bleak Tenderloin district.

“Hardly an open business and hardly a ray of legal trade or a sign of civilization.”

The investigation was conducted by The San Francisco Chronicle after the recall election of progressive prosecutor Chesa Boudin, who was impeached in June over frustration with public safety in the deeply-democratic city.

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Respondents largely agreed on the city’s main issues: homelessness came first, followed by public safety and housing costs. Nearly 70 percent said they doubted those problems would improve over the next three years.

One respondent, Dae Echols, 53, told The Chronicle he was “tired of town” and rising prices would probably force him to retire elsewhere. The median rent in San Francisco has risen to $3,750 per month.

“I only remember the hippie generation, and it was all about, taking care of your friends, brotherly love. And that’s completely gone,” Echols said.

Some respondents lashed out at Mayor London Breed, whose previous popularity for piloting the city through the pandemic appears to have waned amid widespread homelessness, property crime, the fentanyl epidemic and other woes.

About 35 percent said Breed had done a bad or very bad job in the past three years to make San Francisco a better place to live and work, while 42 percent said they did a good job and 23 percent did an excellent or good job. had delivered.

Frustration over San Francisco’s demise has grown in recent months, with Boudin’s impeachment and, in February, the recall of three members of the city’s school board accused of placing progressive politics on the needs of children during the pandemic.

Asian Americans have staged protests and disrupted traffic, angered by police failure to protect them and prosecuting hate crimes, particularly against older members of the city’s sizable community.

The Castro district trade association said last month it would withhold business taxes until city agencies improved their response to fighting a crime wave and homelessness.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, pictured during a February 2022 interview. She is the 45th mayor of the city and county of San Francisco

A San Francisco resident identified as J. Terrell last week captured footage of a gang of homeless drug addicts brawling amid trash in the SoMa neighborhood and sharing the evening scene on social media.

‘I like taking long walks and passing by here every day in my hood. I love the smell of crack and poop,” he wrote sarcastically on Twitter.

The attached footage shows two homeless men fighting on the ground while a third man beats the shirtless addict with a broom while the bystanders watch the brawl unfazed by the bizarre chaos.

The viral video has now been viewed more than 5.3 million times.

During the anarchy, one dog barks incessantly at the couple struggling on the floor, while another person grabs a pair of sneakers and stuffs them into a plastic bag before running away.

A mob of homeless drug addicts fights on a San Francisco street amid trash and filthy conditions as city officials call for ‘blue sky’ ideas to solve the problem of the open-air drug market