February 5, 2023

Two staffies kill Coco and Candy, beloved Pomeranians who were left with a pet-sitter during their owner’s trip to Qatar. World Cup – the killer dog owner just LAUGHED

  • Two Pomeranians were apparently torn apart Friday by two American Staffies
  • Sora Mobin placed her dogs Candy & Coco with a Melbourne dog sitter
  • She The FIFA World Cup in Qatar, when her dogs were shot and killed
  • Pet sitter called her claiming that her dogs were being mauled and abused by the Staffies
  • The dog’s owner flew to Melbourne immediately to handle the situation
  • Ms. Mobin was allegedly abused by the neighbour who kept the Staffies.


Two Pomeranians were killed by their owners after their Staffies chewed through the fence.

Candy and Coco were looked after by Sora Mbin in Melbourne’s north, as their owner was in Qatar to attend the FIFA. World Cup. 

It’s believed that two American Staffordshire Terriers from next-door gnawed a hole in the wooden fence, and then attacked the two pets sitters. 

Ms Mobin flew home immediately after the neighbor who had allegedly kept the vicious dogs laughed at her when confronted.

Sora (pictured, with her dogs), flew from Qatar to see her pets after she heard about the horrific events. Her neighbor, who was allegedly responsible for the dogs’ deaths, laughed at her as she confronted him.

“The owner came out and started yelling at us, then he began laughing. He “Didn’t even apologize,” Ms Mobin stated. Nine News.

Ms. Mobin had her beloved dogs dropped off at the Epping house on November 19, before heading overseas. 

She Although she said that she had used a dog sitter once before, they had been taken care of in a different home. 

Ms Mobin received regular updates from the pet sitter about how the dogs were doing, but she rang her on Friday in panicked condition. 

‘She Ms. Mobin described how she was crying and stating that “we have a problem” 

The owner, distraught, was informed that the dogs had been attacked while they were out in the back yard – and that one of the dogs was missing. 

After being taken to the vet, Coco was not able to be saved. Candy, the other pooch, was also absent. 

Candy and Coco (pictured) were being looked after at a home in Melbourne's north last Friday, while their owner was in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup

Candy and Coco (pictured above) were taken care of at a Melbourne home in the north while their owner was away in Qatar for FIFA. World Cup

The minder asked next-door about the dog, but was refused and she wasn’t allowed to search for her. 

Ms Mobin flew for 13 hours from Sydney to Melbourne and reported that her family was’shocked’ and ‘traumatized’. 

Friends of Ms Mobin approached a neighbor but were denied entry to search for Candy. 

Nine News officers arrived at the house on Saturday to find Candy’s body. 

After Ms Mobin arrived in Melbourne, and she was taken to the veterinarian to say goodbye to her pets. Then she headed to the home of a neighbour. 

After Ms Mobin (pictured, with one of her dogs) touched down in Melbourne she went to the vet hospital to farewell her adored pets

After Ms Mobin (pictured here with one her dogs) arrived in Melbourne. She went to the veterinarian to say farewell to her beloved pets.

She said the man allegedly abused and laughed at her when she approached him, adding the dogs They were a danger to the community. 

She said, “My Coco was cut from its neck, it was almost like a knife.”

Whittlesea council spokesperson said that the incident is under investigation. 

It is not known if the dogs involved in the alleged attack were seized.  

Daily Mail Australia reached out for comment to the council.  

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