February 4, 2023

Toni Collette’s husband Dave Galafassi was spotted outside Toni’s beachside home jumping into a Toyota Prado and carrying overnight bags. This is just days after they were photographed passionately kissing in the surf.

The Hollywood star and one-time musician announced their split on Collette’s newly-activated Instagram account.

It happened hours after Daily Mail Australia contacted her about the photos of Galafassi (44), canoodling at Manly’s beach with Shannon Egan (41), a bikini-clad chiropractor.

He Thursday was spent hiding at the $3million three-bedroom home of the couple in Sydney’s inner west. Ms Egan spent Thursday working on Sydney’s North Shore.

Early on Friday morning, Galafassi – minus his wedding ring – could be seen packing his white 4WD outside the blonde beauty’s apartment.

Ms Egan stepped out the front door moments later – donning black drawstring pants, a tight, off-the-shoulder white top with a beige knit jumper draped over her shoulders.

She The bag contained a reusable shopping bag made of paper and a bulging handbag made of black leather.

Shannon Egan (41), is seen hopping into a car on Friday morning with her new boyfriend Toni Collette and Dave Galafassi.

Dave Galafassi (pictured) picked Shannon Egan up from her home in Manly, before they took off towards Sydney city

Dave Galafassi (pictured), picked Shannon Egan up at her Manly home, before they flew towards Sydney.

She Refused comment on her new relationship when approached by Daily Mail Australia, before the lovers sped off towards Sydney’s city.

Galafassi, who spoke to Daily Mail Australia via intercom at his Birchgrove house, said that he doesn’t want any talk about his blonde lover.

Their rendezvous at the beach on Wednesday morning began around 7.30am.

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After spending about 15 minutes in the water they bought a cup of coffee. One witness claimed that the couple was ‘all about each other’.

They were deep in conversation at one point as Galafassi sat on a sea wall, while Ms Egan, wearing a open shirt and sunglasses, leant forward.

After their steamy meetup, Ms Egan was seen walking her dog after work wearing a T-shirt and striped shorts.

According to an online profile, Ms. Egan has more than 15 years of experience as a chiropractor and has suffered from serious health problems. 

Pictured: Shannon Egan on Friday morning

Dave Galafassi picked his girlfriend up on Friday

Dave Galafassi picked Shannon Egan up from work on Friday (pictured left to right).

Shannon says that she is passionate about healthy living and has developed her skills in the areas women’s, mind-body, and children’s health.

Shannon is particularly interested in helping women live a calm, connected, and inspired life. Shannon loves to treat children and enjoys helping them reach their full potential. She is confident in their bodies and full of vitality. 

She In 2004, Macquarie University awarded two degrees: a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, and a Masters in Chiropractic. 

Shannon’s profile states that she has experienced the complexities of health after a long battle with chronic illness. She also understands the need for a holistic approach to health. 

“The years that followed her illness and recovery gave her a profound understanding of what it meant to face a life-threatening illness. 

“She was fascinated by the emotional experience that illness can bring about.” It inspired her to pursue spiritual growth, meditation, the mind-body connection, and a lifelong pursuit of spiritual growth. 

The actress confirmed their split with this joint statement on Thursday morning after pictures emerged of the drummer passionately kissing 41-year-old chiropractor Shannon Egan on Manly Beach on Wednesday morning

After pictures surfaced of Shannon Egan, 41, passionately kissing the drummer on Manly Beach on Wednesday morning, the actress confirmed their separation with this joint statement. 

Collette made a joint statement on Thursday on Instagram with Galafassi: “It’s with grace and thanksgiving that we announce our divorcing.

“We are united in the decision we made and will part with continued respect for and care for each others.

‘Our children are of paramount significance to us and we will continue our family’s success, even though it is in a different way. We are grateful for your love and support as we move through this transition. Many thanks. 

Later, the Hollywood star added to the statement to clarify that they had been separated for a substantial period before they decided to divorce.

Galafassi, 50, and Collette have two children, ages 14 and 11. They have split their time between Australia, the United States, and Australia in recent years. 

The pair first met in 2002 at Galafassi’s debut album Metal Detector, and their second encounter occurred at a party a few weeks later.

'Having a passion for healthy living, Shannon has extended her skills specifically in the areas of women's health, mind-body connection and children's health,' Ms Egan's online profile states

According to Ms Egan’s online profile, Shannon is passionate about healthy living and has expanded her skills in the areas women’s, mind-body connection, and children’s well-being.

‘He Collette stated that Collette was the first person she saw when she walked in the door.

‘He I was so touched that she kissed my cheeks and I felt like I had just melted. I planned to stay for ten minutes… I was there for 12 hours. It was a great day.

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Collette is one of Australia’s most acclaimed actresses. She starred as Little Miss Sunshine in The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine in The Hours, Knives Out in the television series United States of Tara.

She She was nominated to an Oscar for The Sixth Sense, and won an Emmy Award for United States of Tara. 

Galafassi and Collette were married with Buddhist rituals on her property at Berry on the NSW south coast less than a year after they met, in January 2003.

Following the ceremony, there was a weekend of partying that featured dancing monks and fireworks as well as a vegetarian buffet for 100 guests.

Collette, a Sydney native, is also a singer/songwriter. She formed a band later with Galafassi, a mid-north coast NSW town named Port Macquarie.