January 28, 2023

Whipping up a culinary masterpiece or delicious sweet treat takes a lot of skill – but if you’re ever presented with one of these baked treats, you might want to order from a professional.

Bored Panda collected some of the most disastrous photos of failed bakes from around the world — including an apparently depressed baby Yoda and a hedgehog baked Alaska.

From a psychedelic cheesecake to potentially X-rated cookies and terrifying dough monsters, these photos are enough to make you chuckle as you eat your homemade cupcakes.

Here FEMAIL shares a selection of the most shocking examples…

We hope this blue hedgehog-style maker, made by a baker believed to live in Germany, wasn’t meant to be made in the image of the unsuspecting 50-year-old celebrating their half-century

Made by a US based baker, these are meant to be a pack of Cookie Monster lookalikes, but we have a feeling these will terrify the adults, let alone the kids!

If ever there was a cake that needed a few therapy sessions, this baby Yoda sure seems to need the help

It hardly ever looks as good as it’s meant to if you’re trying to emulate the pros, but you might as well try…there’s no denying that this horse, made by a baker believed to be lives in the US, has character

Sometimes you get a tingling and excited feeling of baking. This chef may have felt that way too, though it seems in a slightly different way…

While this is a valiant attempt at making blue meringues, this person’s family, who presumably lived in North America, told her they looked like “alien turds.”

Ah this is the age-old classic of dough a la broken glass. This takes crispy to a whole new level, as made by a bread maker believed to be based in North America

If you imagine that the Sphinx was really a giant cake crossed with a rabbit, then this could be the result, as submitted by a baker supposedly living in the US

There’s something terribly cute and a little scary about this hedgehog version of a baked Alaska

Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a loaf of bread that looks a lot like a pair of buttocks?

Smoking kills and these cookies will probably bring that point home as the weird mix of black volcanic salt and pretzels makes them look like ashtrays

This might be the worst bake in human history as these cookies are swimming in oil

Sometimes the dough has a mind of its own and in this case it has been decided to become a monster and take over the refrigerator, as demonstrated by a baker, presumably based in the Netherlands

Psychedelic cheesecake should be your next baking attempt at any 60s themed party you plan

While these biccies could have been really cute, their confident eyes give them a disturbingly intense look