December 9, 2022

A relationship expert has revealed the ‘most basic mistakes’ men make when choosing photos for a dating profile, which are an instant turn-off for women.

Louanne Ward, from Perth, Western Australia, shared one video explains exactly what women don’t want to see when scrolling through a dating app.

From taking mirror selfies in a dirty room to using group photos, Ms Ward listed nine reasons why you might be struggling to find dates online.

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Australian relationship expert Louanne Ward (pictured) listed nine ‘fundamental mistakes’ men make when dating online

Firstly, Ms Ward said there’s ‘nothing wrong with a mirror selfie’ but always make sure your bedroom is cleared first.

She said no woman wants to date a man with a bedroom that ‘looks like a teenage boy’s.’

“Make your bed, pick up your clothes off the floor, put your shoes and socks off – these are all very basic things,” Ward said in the video.

‘No one wants to have a man who isn’t even house trained – be responsible, look around and clean your room.’

Ms Ward said women don’t want to see selfies taken in a messy room, nor do they want to see other women in the photos. She said group photos should never be used, nor photos with your children


What is your instant online dating turn-off?

  • Mirror selfies in a messy room 2 votes
  • Pictures with a fish 0 votes
  • Group photos 0 votes
  • Pictures with other women 0 votes
  • Pictures with children 0 votes
  • All of the above 2 votes

Ms Ward added that it is unattractive when a man sticks his tongue out in a picture or sticks up his two middle fingers.

“Seriously, why?” she asked.

Group photos should never be used for online dating profiles because women ‘don’t bother trying to figure out who you are’.

Men should avoid using photos with other women in them – because regardless of who they are, women will question it – and your children should not appear in the photo carousel either.

The simple tips will likely teach men about profile etiquette and what women are looking for on apps.

‘Nail on the head there! It’s all so off-putting,’ one woman commented on the video.

Nine instant turn-offs men make on dating apps

When choosing photos, it is an instant rejection for women if men:

1) Take a bathroom selfie with a dirty mirror

2) Stick out their tongue

3) Include group photos (no one can be bothered trying to figure out who you are)

4) Put up two middle fingers…seriously why?

5) Lying naked in bed with disheveled sheets, trying to look seductive

6) Get birds to use your shoulder as a perch

7) Any pictures with other women – doesn’t matter if it’s your sister, best friend, aunt, daughter…

8) Any pictures of your kids – this is a dating site, they don’t belong on it!

9) Pictures of your messy, disorganized, dirty living spaces

Source: Louanne Ward/Instagram

Earlier this year, dirty nails, poor hygiene and loud eating were deemed to be the most common turn-offs among single women, according to a controversial new thread.

An online debate sparked after a woman asked a popular Facebook group what gives them the ‘ick’.

Hundreds responded by listing their turn-offs on men based on how they behave rather than looks.

Surprisingly dirty nails and lack of hand hygiene disgusted both men and women the most.

Singles flooded the comments section, offering their opinions and personal experiences.

Other departures included road rage, being rude to waiters, poor hygiene, eating loudly and being selfish.

One woman said she is completely disgusted when a man ‘sticks his finger in his ears’.

“I can’t believe some people think it’s okay to do when you’re in conversation with someone,” she wrote.

Another added: ‘This is probably an unpopular opinion but men are so obsessed with football it wears them out!’

What are the common hangups when dating?

Dirty nails

Eating loudly


Poor hygiene


Road rage

Short temper


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