February 4, 2023

Tattoos can be a wonderful expression of individuality, but if you don’t go to a specialized studio, you can end up with inking that is more abominable than artistic.

One superfan on Wednesday from Phoenix thought it would be a good idea to get a tattoo of their favorite anti-hero, but let’s just say it didn’t turn out as well as they hoped.

bored panda included a selection of some of the worst criminals from around the world, with one man who decided to incorporate his belly button into a tattoo of a stomach-churning cat.

Here, FEMAIL has put together some of the ugliest tattoos that people have accidentally gotten…

Creepy as….! In Phoenix, the tattoo of this man from the Netflix anti-heroine has been described more as ‘Monday’ than ‘Wednesday’

Painted In A Dark Knight!  In Canada, It Looks Like This Tattoo Artist Had His Eyes Closed Or Was Using His Left Hand When He Designed This Batman.

Painted in a dark knight! In Canada, it looks like this tattoo artist had his eyes closed or was using his left hand when he designed this Batman.

Possessive Limit!  Katya In The Us Has Decided To Make A Horrible Display Of Power Over Her Boyfriend By Tattooing Her Name In Large Letters On Her Upper Arm.

Possessive limit! Katya in the US has decided to make a horrible display of power over her boyfriend by tattooing her name in large letters on her upper arm.

Perfect!  In An Unknown Location, This Man'S Tinder Profile Is Getting A Lot Of Attention, Not Quite Well, Due To The Giant Cat Tattoo On His Stomach.

Perfect! In an unknown location, this man’s Tinder profile is getting a lot of attention, not quite well, due to the giant cat tattoo on his stomach.

Let That Sink In!  This Anonymous Tattoo Artist, From An Unknown Location, Perhaps Should Have Paused For Thought Before Getting This Anchor Illustration Tattooed On His Limb.

Let that sink in! This anonymous tattoo artist, from an unknown location, perhaps should have paused for thought before getting this anchor illustration tattooed on his limb.

Patriotic!  Elsewhere In The Us, This Man Has An Eerily Realistic Print Of The Illustrated United States Flag On His Right Arm.

Patriotic! Elsewhere in the US, this man has an eerily realistic print of the illustrated United States flag on his right arm.

I Can Not Hide It!  In An Unknown Place, This Guy Has Tattooed 'Anarchy' On His Face... We Hope You Like It, As It Won'T Be Easy To Hide.

I can not hide it! In an unknown place, this guy has tattooed ‘anarchy’ on his face… We hope you like it, as it won’t be easy to hide.

Basic Tattoos!  Usually, Rib Tattoos Are Straight, But This Artist In An Unknown Location Decided To Leave His Rule At Home.

Basic tattoos! Usually, rib tattoos are straight, but this artist in an unknown location decided to leave his rule at home.

Oh My....!  The Sad Face Of Jesus Will Undoubtedly Bring Down The Mood In Any Room This Man Walks Into, If He Rolls Up His Sleeves.

Oh my….! The sad face of Jesus will undoubtedly bring down the mood in any room this man walks into, if he rolls up his sleeves.

It Is A Bird?  In The Us, This Man Couldn'T Decide Between A Clock Or A Lion'S Face, So He Decided To Tattoo A Grotesque Combination Of Both On His Upper Arm.

It is a bird? In the US, this man couldn’t decide between a clock or a lion’s face, so he decided to tattoo a grotesque combination of both on his upper arm.