February 4, 2023

One woman presents a brutally honest PowerPoint of her dating mistakes in 2022. This presentation has been dubbed “iconic” by millions

  • After making a PowerPoint presentation about 2022, one woman went viral
  • Instead of Spotify Wrapped she did her Dating Wrapped’ of her failed relationships
  • Amber, the woman, showed pie charts showing her dates and where they went sour.
  • The video has been viewed over 3 million times and was dubbed “iconic” 


After sharing her failures in dating in 2022, a single woman went viral with a PowerPoint presentation.

Amber, the US single, was inspired from Spotify’s ‘Spotify Wrapped’ playlist, which shows you your top songs and artists for the year. She then adapted it to her love life.

Millions of viewers have hailed the TikTok video as ‘iconic’.

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A single woman’s PowerPoint presentation about her dating failures in 2022 has gone viral (Amber pictured with the spreadsheet)

Amber began her video by saying, “Welcome to my 2022 relationship wrapped,”

“If there is one thing I know about myself it’s that PowerPoints are my favorite tool. I also love first dates, as I went on 18 years ago.

Amber then showed a pie graph that showed exactly where she found these men. It included Tinder, Hinge and Facebook.

‘I met one out of the wild. We had a romantic kiss in a bar on New Year’s Eve. It was a great experience. She added that Tinder and Hinge were ‘pretty evenly split’ and made up the bulk of their first dates.

Amber also found one person on Facebook dating, which is a digital dating product developed by Facebook.

Amber then revealed how many dates Amber went on in 2022. Most men managed one or two dates, while Amber’s ‘highest score was six.

Then she shared the details of each date, with drinks (33.3%) followed by dinner (22.2%).

Other date options include walks (16.7%) and ‘others’ (27.5%)

This category also includes smoothies and ice cream. [trips to] Amber said Target

Finally, Amber said she spent USD$368.36 on dating this year (AUD$545; pictured) and she said she unfortunately thinks she has learned nothing from her experience

Amber also stated that she spent USD$368.36 on her relationship this year (AUD$545 in pictured). She said she regrets the experience and believes she has learned very little.

The next chart showed Amber ending about 50% of her relationships, while the men ended 33.33%.

16.7 percent of the relationships ended mutually.

She said, “I cried over two men, which coincidentally was the same number of parking tickets I received over these men,”

Amber stated that she spent USD$368.36 on dates this year (AUD$545).

“I wish I hadn’t calculated this number, as what could I do with this money?” She stated that literally any option would have been more effective.

She She also stated that she hasn’t learned anything from her experience.

The clip was viewed by more than three million people. They were quick to applaud the single, and call Amber and the video ‘iconic.

One commenter wrote, “This is what social experimentation and critical analysis will I be doing in 2023,”

Another added: “This is amazing!” 

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