February 4, 2023

Sean Penn, 62, and his ex-wife Robin Wright, 56, were seen together for the second time in two days.

The exes, who were married from 1996 to 2010, were seen leaving LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Two days earlier they were seen entering the same airport, hinting that they took a short trip together.

Although Robin wore the exact same clothes, her ex-spouse wore a different shirt as they smiled easily during their time at the international travel center.

This is becoming a habit: Sean Penn, 62, and his ex-wife Robin Wright, 56, have been seen together for the second time

Again: The Exes, Who Were Married From 1996 To 2010, Were Spotted Leaving Lax Airport In Los Angeles On Tuesday.  Two Days Before They Were Seen Entering The Airport

Again: The exes, who were married from 1996 to 2010, were spotted leaving LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Two days before they were seen entering the airport

Robin was wearing the same black sweater, jeans, and brown boots that she had been on two days before.

She was also holding the exact same multicolored puffy jacket in her arms.

But her hair was different. Two days ago she had her blonde locks messed up in a ponytail. In the new stills, she had a fresh haircut with lighter highlights and her hair was beautifully styled.

Sean was wearing the same khaki pants and beige high top sneakers, but his shirt was now dark gray and not beige. His jacket also looked different.

Where Did They Go?  It Seems As If They Have Taken A Short Trip Together.

Where did they go? It seems as if they have taken a short trip together.

Cool Clothes: I Was Wearing A Different T-Shirt And Jacket Than The One I Was Wearing On Sunday.

Cool clothes: I was wearing a different t-shirt and jacket than the one I was wearing on Sunday.

The exes could have gone on a trip to visit one of their children. The exes have children together: a son Hopper, 28, and a daughter, Dylan, 30.

Their mood seemed friendly, like they were on good terms, but there was no sign of romance.

The exes began dating in 1989 and were married between 1996 and 2010.

Sean and Robin have a history of breaking up and getting back together.

Their Rich History: The Movie Stars Started Dating In 1989 And Were Married Between 1996 And 2010;  Photographed In 2009

Their rich history: The movie stars started dating in 1989 and were married between 1996 and 2010; photographed in 2009

Robin And Clement Seen In 2022

Sean And Leila Seen In 2022

Done: This occurs after both of you have separated from your most recent spouses. Sean finalized his divorce from Leila George in April 2022, and Robin reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Clément Giraudet in September 2022.

They were married in 1996 and later planned to divorce in December 2007, but called it off four months later.

They separated again in April 2009, but withdrew the documents the following month; however, Robin filed divorce papers in August 2009 and her divorce was finalized in July 2010.

This occurs after both have separated from their most recent spouses.

Sean finalized his divorce from Leila George, 30, in April 2022.

Robin reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Clément Giraudet, 38, in September 2022.

She began dating the Yves Saint Laurent executive in 2017, before marrying in a secret ceremony in France the following year.

According to TMZ, Robin listed the date of their separation as July 31 in the divorce filing.

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The actress has also asked that the court not use its ability to award spousal support and according to a ‘post-nuptial agreement, all assets are your separate property’.

No Rings For Him: Sean Didn'T Wear His Recent Wife Leila'S Wedding Ring, As They Finally Did After Many Recent Post-Divorce Sightings

No rings for him: Sean didn’t wear his recent wife Leila’s wedding ring, as they finally did after many recent post-divorce sightings

Her Hair Sure Looks Good — She Had Her Hair Up In A Ponytail On Sunday, But It Looks Like It Was Fixed Up During Her Trip With Sean.

Her hair sure looks good — she had her hair up in a ponytail on Sunday, but it looks like it was fixed up during her trip with Sean.

The couple had no children together.

Wright was photographed without her wedding ring when she stepped out in Los Angeles in August 2022.

It will be the third divorce for Robin, who married the late Dane Witherspoon in 1986, before going after Penn in 1989.

Wright and Clement have kept their relationship more private, but have been photographed enjoying quality time together over the years.

They were last seen together in October 2021, when everything seemed fine with them as they enjoyed a make-out session on the beach in Los Angeles.

Prior to that, the duo enjoyed a sun-kissed getaway to St. Tropez in August 2021.

Got You Baby: They Stayed Close As They Left Heavily Used Lax Airport

Got you baby: They stayed close as they left heavily used LAX airport

Clement and Robin married on August 10, 2018 in a “very intimate and low-key” ceremony in France, according to People.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a Los Angeles judge finalized the divorce between Sean and Leila in April 2022.

The two-time Academy Award winner and the daughter of actor Vincent D’Onofrio dated for four years before tying the knot in July 2020.

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In October 2021, the Animal Kingdom star filed for divorce from the Mystic River artist.

Your Limo Or Mine?  Robin Seemed To Be Tracking Her Trip On Her Phone As Sean Sat Down.

Your limo or mine? Robin seemed to be tracking her trip on her phone as Sean sat down.

The former couple, who do not share children, began dating in 2016.

In an early 2022 interview with authentic hollywoodPenn expressed that he is not happy with the separation.

He gas light The star opened up about her relationship with George, whose mother is actress Greta Scacchi.

Penn was honest about their relationship problems, going so far as to say that he “ruined the marriage” because he was “so neglectful.”

Penn went on to say that he “doesn’t know” what the future holds for him and George, but said that he has worked through what he sees as problems with himself during their relationship.

First Marriage: He Was Previously Married To Madonna From 1985 To 1989 (Pictured In 1987)

Family territory: He was married to Madonna from 1985 to 1989; seen in 1987