February 1, 2023

The stars of MTV’s new reality series The Real Friends of WeHo are making it clear that initial suggestions from social media users that it is trying to imitate the dramatic Real Housewives franchise are wrong.

Gay icons Brad Goreski, Todrick Hall, Curtis Hamilton, Dorion Renaud, Jaymes Vaughan and Joey Zauzig have come together to showcase their lives on the show; however, they argue that’s where the similarities to the hit show Bravo end.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com, Jaymes, who married Jonathan Bennett in March, declared: “I wouldn’t have signed up if that was like Real Housewives.” This wasn’t something that came about because we wanted to be reality stars.

The entertainment news host added: “I think what’s really special about our show is that if there’s a conflict, there’s also a resolution.” You get to see things come back to a place where everyone supports each other and has each other’s back.

The cast of The Real Friends of WeHo have explained how their new MTV reality show differs from the Real Housewives franchise


“I think that is why the comparison of the real housewives is not fair. We are in a place of having each other’s back instead of tearing each other down.

The TV star, who runs the company OUTbound with her husband, explained: “I’m excited because representation still has a long way to go, but it’s definitely progressed further than when we were younger.”

‘This is our chance to be that representation now. I just want to show young gay men that they can actually achieve more than they ever dreamed they could.’

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Celebrity hairstylist Brad Goreski also dismissed some of the backlash to the show’s trailer, adding: “I’m fine being a stay-at-home mom…just kidding.” With these comparisons, I think we’re just looking at the big picture of what the Internet is like.

The Main Cast Includes Gay Icons Brad Goreski, Todrick Hall, Curtis Hamilton, Jaymes Vaughan And Joey Zauzig.

The main cast includes gay icons Brad Goreski, Todrick Hall, Curtis Hamilton, Jaymes Vaughan and Joey Zauzig.

Celebrity Hairstylist Brad Goreski Also Brushed Off The Negative Reaction To The Show'S Trailer.

Todrick Hall Has Called On The Lgbtq+ Community To Provide More Support

Celebrity hairstylist Brad Goreski also dismissed the backlash to the show’s trailer, with co-star Todrick Hall calling on the LGBTQ+ community to provide more support.

There will be people who love something, people who hate something and if you still feel that way after watching the series, then that is your opinion. I hope this finds an audience where our stories help them feel more connected or help educate them.’

The show’s synopsis describes it as an “unfiltered, honest look at a select group of friends who live, love and pursue their passions in the West Hollywood community.” It premieres Friday at 9 pm ET/PT after RuPaul’s Drag Race.

However, the show’s position sparked an online backlash with Drag Race fans after it was confirmed that the series’ gap between Drag Race and Untucked means shorter episodes of the beloved competition show.

The cast made it clear that they understood viewers’ frustration over the changes, while also pleading with fans to be more understanding of the new lineup.

“We love Drag Race, it’s for the culture and we want to support that. Some of the cast talk about it and celebrate it on the show, so let’s love each other and be there for each other,” said actor Curtis Hamilton.

Social Media Influencer And Entrepreneur Joey Zauzig Also Takes A Look At His Life.

Dorion Renaud, Ceo Of Buttah, Has Since Claimed Not To Be Friends With The Cast.

Entrepreneur and social media influencer Joey Zauzig also takes a look into his life, including a showdown with cast member Dorión Renaud, Buttah’s CEO.

The Insecure star, who publicly came out as gay while on the show, added: “I would love for the community and allies to come together and support each other more.” Taking down is not a direction we should be going in, especially when you don’t even know what the show is and how you could relate to it and be able to get something out of it.

Give it a try first. We opened our hearts and shared our real lives, so it wasn’t easy. I know a lot of guys got involved with good intentions. Take the time to figure out what something is before you just say something about it to try to take it down.

Choreographer and singer Todrick Hall agreed, saying, “I feel like we as the LGBTQ+ community always say we want more diversity, we’re always fighting and screaming for more representation.”

“But when it looks or comes in the package that we wanted it to come in or doesn’t fully reflect our experience, we don’t support it, in fact, we try to destroy it.”

The artist, who has worked with superstars such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift and RuPaul, added: “The call is coming from inside the house. It’s really sad to see because you would think that most of these negative comments would come from outside the queer community, but when you look closer I would say about 95% of them come from queer people.

The Series Will Premiere On Friday, January 20 At 9 Pm Et/Pt After Rupaul'S Drag Race.

The series will premiere on Friday, January 20 at 9 pm ET/PT after RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Jaymes urged: ‘As a community, we are so much stronger together. If we support each other in all spaces, the people who come at us trying to bring us down won’t be able to do it if we all come together.

Curtis added: “I hope people give it a chance because everyone has an important story that they’re telling, and it’s not just some bullshit where we’re here to try to be famous without having any real intentions and messages that we’re trying to get across. .

‘Hopefully people will relate and fall in love. I hope this opportunity means that I can be someone who is a voice in the community and that viewers can reach out so I can support them.’

The show’s main cast also included social media influencer and entrepreneur Joey Zauzig, who Good Morning America called in 2022, “the internet’s best friend.”

As well as Buttah CEO Dorion Renaud, who runs one of the top black-owned skincare companies in the world at just 34 years of age.

The MTV series will debut on Friday, January 20 at 9 pm ET/PT after RuPaul’s Drag Race.