February 1, 2023

After appearing before cops amid tension media scrum, Outback Wrangler has been charged in connection with the crash of a helicopter that killed his mate.

  • Matt Wright, aka Outback Wrangler, has been charged in connection to a fatal NT helicopter accident
  • Wright has been a part of several successful TV series on various networks.  
  • His mate and co-star Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson died in the crash in Arnhem Land


Matt Wright, who was known as “The Outback Wrangler”, has been charged with several charges in relation to the fatal helicopter crash in Northern Territory.

On Tuesday afternoon, the NT Police confirmed that he had been charged with trying to pervert justice, destroy evidence and fabricate evidence as well as unlawful entry, making a false declaration and interfering in witness testimony.

Wright was released to appear at Darwin Local Court at 9.30am Tuesday under the condition that he doesn’t contact any persons and remains at a specified address.

Exclusive footage shows Wright, his lawyer and leaving the Northern Territory Police Headquarters just before 6pm local. He then gets into a blue 4WD vehicle.

Wright flew to the NT following an arrest warrant issued for him over a series of charges related to a helicopter accident that resulted in the death of one of his closest mates earlier this year.

Wright had presented himself earlier in the day to Darwin police.

The National Geographic and Netflix star pulled up outside the police headquarters at 2.05pm on Tuesday and sped inside when he saw waiting cameras.

David Newey, his lawyer appeared to the scene 40 minutes later and stated that no charges were being filed against the reality television star. But police confirmed the charges at 5.20 p.m. local time.

His bodyguards had fought with media earlier in the day at Darwin Airport as he returned to the NT.

NT Police stated that they are also investigating the incident involving Wright’s minders, and ABC cameraman Peter Garnish at the airport. 

Earlier at Darwin Airport as Wright's bodyguards barged past media while shouting and throwing their hands at camera lenses, including ABC's Peter Garnish (right)

As Wright’s bodyguards rushed past media, shouting and throwing their arms at cameras lenses, including ABC’s Peter Garnish (right), Wright was seen earlier at Darwin Airport. 

You could hear several large men shouting, “Come on! Let’s go!” They pushed their way through the media packet with Wright at its centre, as they did so.

Wright returned to Darwin after Wright was arrested in connection with the helicopter crash which killed one of his best friends earlier this summer.

Daily Mail Australia photographed The Outback Wrangler star loading his luggage into an overhead compartment in the business class section of Qantas Flight 840 from Sydney on Tuesday morning. 

Reality television personality Matt Wright was spotted boarding a flight to Darwin on Tuesday morning

Matt Wright, a reality television star, was seen boarding a plane to Darwin on Tuesday morning

After an extensive police investigation into the February crash that resulted in the death of Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson (34), Wright was arrested on Monday.

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