January 28, 2023

Matt Wright, Outback Wrangler’s star, was met by his bodyguards at Darwin Airport. He arrived in the Northern Territory to surrender himself to police.

Kaia, his wife, ran alongside reporters and recorded the wild commotion using her phone. Supporters tried to shield him from cameras and questions.

As Mr Wright raced into the backseat of a Land Rover white, he refused to answer after his early morning flight from Sydney to Darwin.

According to one reporter, “There was quite a bit pushing and shoving going. 

You could hear several large men shouting, “Come on! Let’s go!” They pushed their way through the media package with Wright at its centre, as they did.

Matt Wright, Outback Wrangler star, had his bodyguards jostle with waiting media at Darwin Airport while he landed in Northern Territory to surrender to police

Several large men, wearing baseballs caps, could be heard yelling 'Come on, let's go!' as they barged their way through the media pack with Wright at the centre

A number of large men wearing baseball caps could be heard shouting “Come on, lets go!” They pushed their way through the media package with Wright at its centre, shouting ‘Come on, let’s go!

Wright flew back following an arrest warrant issued for him over a string if charges regarding a helicopter crash which killed one of the best friends he had earlier in the year.

Daily Mail Australia photographed The Outback Wrangler star loading his luggage into an overhead compartment in the business class section of Qantas Flight 840 from Sydney on Tuesday morning. 

After an extensive police investigation into the February crash that resulted in the death of Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson (34), Wright was arrested on Monday.

Wright was given 48-hours to report to the Northern Territory Police Station.

Wilson was killed in a crash at Arnhem Land when the helicopter he was riding in crashed. Wright, 43 years old, and two other men were in the second chopper that crashed at Arnhem land. Wright flew immediately to the rescue.

It is alleged that the trio tried to pervert justice by interfering at the crash site.

Reality television personality Matt Wright was spotted boarding a flight to Darwin on Tuesday morning

Matt Wright, reality TV personality, was spotted on Tuesday morning boarding a Darwin flight.

Matt Wright was  seen loading his luggage into an overhead compartment in the business class section of Qantas Flight 840

Matt Wright was  seen loading his luggage into an overhead compartment in the business class section of Qantas Flight 840

Mr Wright was surrounded by television cameras as he walked through the Sydney Airport terminal on Tuesday morning, accompanied by his wife Kaia, who was holding their newborn baby daughter

Wright was accompanied at all times by Kaia, their newborn daughter, as he walked along the Sydney Airport terminal. 

Wright was seen arriving at Sydney Airport with his wife Kaia and their 10-day-old daughter Dusty Faith.

He He ignored journalists’ questions as he rushed through the terminal to board the plane.

Flight QF840, which left Sydney at 8.15am, is expected to land in Darwin around 11.30am.

Wright will face at least six charges, including perverting justice, destruction and fabrication of evidence, interfering witness, unlawful entry, making a false statement, and interfering with witnesses.

He He strongly denied any wrongdoing regarding what he called a tragic incident.

Matt Wright was spotted at Sydney Airport on Tuesday morning, a day after NT Police issued an arrest warrant

Matt Wright was spotted at Sydney Airport, Tuesday morning. This was just a day after NT Police issued an Arrest Warrant.

Wilson was collecting crocodile egg in a remote part of west Arnhem land when the Robinson R44 helicopter from which he was suspended 30m below collided with trees in west Arnhemland.

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A preliminary report by the Air Transport Safety Bureau revealed that his body was discovered 40m from the King River crash site’s main wreckage.

The father of two was held to a harness by a line so that he could collect eggs from crocodile nests located in swampy areas.

Pilot Sebastian Robinson sustained serious injuries in the crash. He is still recovering from his spinal injuries.

Helibrook, Mr Wright’s company, operated the R44 Raven II VH-IDW Robinson flew.

Police allege that Wright falsified evidence by flying in an unregistered helicopter to the crash site.

He took a photo showing the fuel gauge, showing that the chopper was almost empty, minutes before the accident that claimed his life. This picture was then shared with others in a WhatsApp group chat.

According to The Australian, Mr Wilson’s phone was then reported missing from the crash site.

It's understood minutes before the crash that claimed his life, Mr Wilson (pictured) took a photo of the fuel gauge showing the chopper's almost full tank, which he then shared in a WhatsApp group chat

The Outback Wrangler star will be charged  over the helicopter crash that killed his close mate and co-star Chris “Willow’ Wilson (pictured)

Matt Wright (right) had little to say and refused to answer reporters questions as he and his wife (pictured holding their baby daughter) made their way through the airport terminal

Matt Wright (right), had little to no words and refused to answer reporters’ questions as he (pictured with his wife and their baby girl) made their way through airport terminal.

Mr Wright is pictured being confronted by media crews as he made his way through the airport terminal on Tuesday morning

Matt Wright was confronted as he made his passage through the airport terminal.

The fuel gauge photo contradicts the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s preliminary report. It revealed that investigators had only removed 250ml of blue gasoline from the main tank’s bladder following the crash, despite both fuel bladder tanks remaining intact.

Police also believe Wright disconnected the hours meter on the VH–IDW and other helicopters he used, and that he ordered other employees to do the exact same.

A hours metre in aviation is a device that measures the time an aircraft is used.

Police also claim that Mr Wright visited Mr Robinson twice in hospital after the crash in an effort to persuade him to falsify records regarding the helicopter involved in it and delete evidence from his cell phone.

Sources claimed that Mr Wright wasn’t on the egg collection mission, which ended in tragedy because he had not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Tourists who traveled in the helicopter with them understood that photos of the helicopter were taken on days when it was not flying.

It is believed that police spent at least six month investigating Wright’s actions prior to and after the fatal crash.

Helicopter pilot Michael Burbidge was previously charged and Mr Mellon was also charged in connection with the crash. 

Matt Wright (pictured with wife Kaia) is expected to present himself to a Darwin police station on Tuesday

Matt Wright (pictured here with his wife Kaia) will be present to Darwin police station on Tuesday


FEBRUARY 28, 20,22

7:03am Seb Robinson, the pilot, and Chris ‘Willow’ Willow, the egg collector, were on board one of three Robinson R44 Helicopters. They set off from Noonamah for a crocodile egg collection operations on West Arnhem Land (Northern Territory), about 500km north of Darwin. Each helicopter is piloted by one person and has an egg collector. They fly for 90 minute to a drum-refuelling location in the bush near Mount Borradaile.

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8.30am Choppers fly 20 minutes from the drum refuelling area towards King River staging area. Wilson allegedly shared a picture of his fuel gauge that showed it was nearly full to their WhatsApp group.

Around 9am To go to their different egg collection areas, the helicopters split. Two head 12km north-east and collected eggs from nine nests between 0911 and 1014.

10.14am Robinson and Wilson don’t reply to them, and the chief helicopter pilot and director of Remote Helicopters Australia, Michael Burbridge, 44 goes looking for them.

10.36am It discovers the wreckage of their helicopter 30km south-east of South Goulburn Island. Mr Wilson (34 years old) is dead at 40 m. Robinson (28 years), is badly injured on the ground adjacent to the aircraft. Their chopper was struck by trees and terrain. The second chopper takes off briefly to make radio contact again and raise the alarm.

Matt Wright, Outback Wrangler was allegedly flying to the accident scene with Neil Mellon (off-duty police sergeant), and Mick Burns (crocodile farmer and Darwin publican). Mr. Burns has not been charged.

12.30pm CareFlight helicopter arrives on the scene and transports the pilot to Maningrida where he is transferred to Darwin by plane. 

APRIL 19, 20,22 Air Transport Safety Bureau released their initial findings on the crash. The full report is expected to be available in the first quarter 2023. It shows that the helicopter’s engine stopped just before impacting the ground. The fuel bladders contained 250ml fuel, which were intact. However, the report suggests fuel could have leaked into nearby creeks as the fuel system was damaged during the crash. There were no other signs of mechanical failure, and there was no fire at the site. 

AUGUST 25, 2022 Neil Mellon, father of three, is quickly arrested after he arrives at Darwin police station. He is alleged to have illegal wildlife, fireworks, firearms and other items when police raid his house.

AUGUST 26, 2022 Mellon has been charged with 31 offences including attempting pervert the course justice, stealing and illegally accessing data. The charges include weapons, firearms, wildlife and alleged destruction of evidence during a major crash investigation.

Later the same day, his wife Sandi, also a serving NT police officer, posts accusations on Facebook, unrelated to the crash, about a former close female friend which were later deleted.

Mellon has since resigned as a police officer after 27 years of service. 

SEPTEMBER, 2022: Matt Wright (43), Outback Wrangler, Father of Four, moves with Kaia, his pregnant wife, from Darwin to the Gold Coast, Queensland 

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 Michael Burbridge, the helicopter pilot and the first person to witness the tragedy, was charged in connection with the accident. He Is accused of destroying evidence and conspiring to pervert the course justice. He also provided a false statement.

NOVEMBER 28:2022 Wright is issued an arrest warrant by the NT Police and told that he must present himself at Darwin Police Station within 48 hours in order to face at most six serious charges related to the crash. They refer to Wright’s actions before and after the accident and claim he tampered in evidence.

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NOVEMBER 29: 2022 Wright and Dusty, their newborn daughter, check in for an 8.15 am flight from Sydney to Darwin.

Daily Mail Australia spoke to Mr Wright’s spokesperson Monday, saying that the star denies any wrongdoing regarding what he described a “tragic accident”.

According to the spokesperson, “What happened was a tragic accident which claimed the life of a close friend.”

“His immediate concern was the state of the two crewmembers at the time.

“The next priority was to make sure that all helicopters and crew members were safe at the site.

‘Matt won’t be making any further statements.

Wright’s second child, Dusty Faith, was born on November 18th.

The couple recently moved from the Northern Territory to the Gold Coast.

Chris 'Willow' Wilson (pictured) died in February when the helicopter he was hanging from collided with trees and crashed in west Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory

Chris “Willow” Wilson (pictured) was killed in February after the helicopter he was in collided with trees, and crashed into west Arnhemland in the Northern Territory.

Matt Wright will be charged following an extensive police investigation in relation to the crash (pictured)  that killed his co-star Chris 'Willow' Wilson

 Matt Wright will be charged following an extensive police investigation in relation to the crash (pictured)  that killed his co-star Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson

Wright spoke out about his fatal accident and the pain he feels about losing his friend.

Wright stated that it was still quite fresh. express.co.uk. ‘Maybe in time, you know… I’ll explain.’

The crocodile wrangler said that his friends were ‘out doing a different job with another pilot’.

“Unfortunately, it went down and Willow died in the process. This year, it has taken a terrible toll.

The site was examined by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau earlier in the year. It was found that the helicopter’s main blade struck and cut through several trees multiple times before hitting the ground.

Initial evaluations indicated that the helicopter had hit the ground before the engine stopped. 

The engine stopped due to no apparent defects. 

Matt Wright (left), pictured with wife Kaia and son Banjo has been ordered to present to a police station in Darwin by 9am Wednesday

Matt Wright (left), pictured here with Kaia, and their son Banjo. He has been instructed to report to a Darwin police station before Wednesday 9 am.

Independent aviation experts certified the chopper as safe to fly just weeks before the crash. 

The publication of the final report of the ATSB at the end-of-the year was delayed.

The report’s results are expected to be published in the first quarter of next Year, while ongoing investigations by the NT Police are ongoing.

Wright was a household name when he became the star on National Geographic Channel’s series. Outback Wrangler has been shown in nearly 100 countries. 

His new series Wild Croc Territory, which aired on Channel Nine in January, has since been streamed on Netflix. There is also a planned second series for 2023.

Matt Wright (right) recently the death of Mr Wilson (centre) was 'still pretty fresh'. The pair were cast members on the Outback Wrangler TV series with Jono Brown (left)

Matt Wright (right), recently lost Mr Wilson (centre). Both were cast as Outback Wrangler TV characters with Jono (left).