February 4, 2023

Security guard and boy, 16, fall three floors down an elevator shaft in Target. Man, 29, was fighting shoplifting teen, before falling through doors and becoming trapped under an elevator cab.

  • A Target worker and a 16-year-old boy fell three stories down a life shaft in a fight
  • The worker fell through a gap between the shaft & cab, trapping him below
  • They fell at 11.15am, but they were not lifted out of the ground until 12.30pm. 
  • Firefighters were able quickly to rescue the 16-year old boy who fell onto the cab. 


After a fight in a New York City shop, a Target security guard and a 16 year-old boy fell three floors down from an elevator shaft.

They drove through the Bronx store’s elevator doors at 11.15am. This caused the pair to tumble down the empty shaft. 

The boy crashed on top of an elevator cab. However, the Target employee, 29 years old, fell between the shaft and walls before landing in the pit below.

He The elevator pit was not accessible and the trapped man was freed around an hour later. HeAccording to NYPD and FDNY officers, he is in a critical state.

When the violent fight broke out, the security guard was escorting a teen thought to be a shoplifter out of Target. 

After getting into a physical fight at a New York City store, Target employee (pictured) and a 16year-old boy fell three stories down an elevator shaft.

1670536103 736 NYC Target worker and boy fall 3 floors down elevator

The boy, aged 16, fell on top the elevator cab. The man, aged 29, fell between the cab, the wall of a shaft and ended up in the elevator pit. Firefighters eventually saved him.

Police said that the fight broke out after a preliminary investigation revealed that the male employee was taking the boy, 16 years old, out of the store.

Officials from the FDNY claim that they arrived on the scene within three minutes of receiving a 911 call. 

During a press conference, FDNY Deputy Chief John Sorrocco stated that firefighters found the boy on the top of the elevator. He was located below the open doors. NY Daily News report.

Before firefighters could descend the shaft, they had to turn off the power supply to the elevator. 

He He said, “We responded in about three minutes. Two victims were found in the elevator shaft. One was on the top of the elevator and the other was in the elevator pit.

‘The first victim moved immediately.

‘The second victim was a more difficult operation. He He was located underneath the elevator. He said that we had to secure the elevator and put the brake on.

Firefighters had the task of lifting the man out of the elevator pit which was approximately 15 feet below.  

Footage showed that dozens of emergency personnel raced to the scene to transport the victims of the elevator accident into an ambulance.  

The Target is located on the fourth floor in a shopping complex in Bronx on Exterior Street, just a few blocks from the Yankee stadium.

The target is on the fourth floor of a shopping center in the Bronx

The target is on the 4th floor of a Bronx shopping mall

FDNY staff were required to cut the power to the elevator before fire fighters were able to descend the shaft and hoist the man out using a pulley

Before fire fighters could descend the shaft, they had to shut off the power supply to the elevator.

The Target employee was removed from the shaft more than an hour after falling. His condition was described as being critical

The Target employee was taken from the shaft by a rescue team after he fell more than an hours. His condition was described to be critical

The teenager was first rescued and taken to Harlem hospital where he received treatment for serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

Target worker, who was stuck in an elevator pit, was lifted out of the chute at 12.30pm.

The worker appeared alert as he lay on a spinal board. He was then taken to the hospital for medical attention. He As he was being taken by ambulance to Lincoln hospital, he was in a very sad state. 

He Is believed to be in a critical state. 

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