January 28, 2023

To help Randi Svendsen, and others, with recognizing bird calls (C8), Janice Creenaune of Austinmer recommends utilizing “the complimentary Merlin Bird ID app from the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology. Apart from recognition, bird calls, spotting information and images are published by the global neighborhood as a crucial worldwide research study. Can be found in helpful every day, however was really interesting when utilized to develop the distinction in between a sarus crane and a brolga in our journeys to the Cape”.

Happily pleasant as the willy wagtail’s call of ‘sweet quite little animal’ might be, Delight Cooksey of Harrington warns that “not unlike some human beings, the string of curs this friendly little bird directs towards all intruders of its area will even frighten ‘bolshie cockatoos’ (C8).”

Ian Sanderson of Salamander Bay questions if “Google Maps might provide information on any rise in look for Bowling Street Point (C8) in the last couple of days. I understand I did one”.

A plea from Alan Phillips of Mosman. “Can any Column 8 readers inform me when AI (C8) will be presented to the public? I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It definitely needs to be miles much better than the things I am utilizing now.”

Using some real intelligence as a reprieve from expert system worries (C8), Andrew Buchanan of Brisbane states that “the most affordable grade of olive oil (C8) is called pomace, however it’s not actually categorized as olive oil at all. It’s the residues of oil drawn out from the staying pressings, normally utilizing chemical ways. The categories go: virgin olive oils, improved olive oils, olive oils and pomace”.

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Relating to the identifying of a lowly grade olive oil (C8), Don Bain of Port Macquarie states his “dear old Mum would have ranked it as ‘No much better than it should be’.”

Ian Clarke of Terrigal is pleased to report that his circa 1967 Coca-Cola yo-yo (C8) still works fine, “although I’m too afraid to do ’round the world’ in case the initial string breaks. Anybody understand where to get a brand-new string?”

This one might polarise readers. While waiting on his ferryboat at Circular Quay, Michael Johnston of Mosman discovered “a Zaphod Beeblebrox impact when attempting to check out the lit up schedule with my prescription sunglasses on. The screen went blank, just to return when the glasses were gotten rid of. An indication of impending threat maybe?”

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