February 4, 2023

NFL fines New Orleans Saints’ and Cameron Jordan more that HALF a MILLION dollars after he “faked an injury” in Tampa Bay loss… but pass rusher Slams the ‘ridiculous’ punishment, and reveals that he will file an appeal


Two New Orleans Saints’ coaches and Cameron Jordan, a star defensive end, were fined over half a million dollars each for ‘faking injuries’ during the 17-16 loss against Tampa Bay.

The franchise was fined $350,000. Denis Allen, head coach of the franchise, was penalized with $100,00. Jordan and Ryan Nielson were likely to be $50,000. 

The Report This information comes from ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter who also says that all parties are available for appeal.

Jordan looked out towards the sideline prior to the Saints’ fall, then he bent down to kneel and pointed at his leg. Then, he moved to the ground, causing delays in proceedings. 

Cameron Jordan, a New Orleans pass rusher, was fined $50,000 after allegedly inflicting an injury.

The moment in question was on a fourth and ten play in which Brady seemed set to line up to take the snap before Jordan forced an emergency timeout. 

The Buccaneers then punted, before eventually winning the NFC South match. 

Saturday afternoon, New Orleans issued a statement strongly rejecting the claims. 

“The New Orleans Saints refute any claims that they deliberately delayed the game on Monday night. Cameron Jordan, defensive end, felt foot pain after a third down play. He sought medical attention. 

Saints head coach Dennis Allen was also fined, alongside the organization and a coordinator

Dennis Allen, the Saints’ head coach, was also fined along with an organization coordinator

‘He He entered the blue medical tent, was examined by the medical staff, and was then taped so that he could finish the game. He He had an MRI done in New Orleans the next day and it was confirmed that he had an acute mid-foot sprain on his left foot. 

‘He Each day, he was treated at the facility for the injury sustained on the play. The Saints believe that the allegations will not be proven false and will appeal the fines.

Jordan made several mentions of the fine on Twitter. He first wrote: “Most expensive fine to date from @NFL came into yesterday… added stressor to no reason.” 

It was followed by many tweets, with All-Pro commenting on it. 

“Are fines imposed by the nfl public? This should be known, I feel. ‘Cause some of the fines are silly but this 1… ridiculous. 

1670709154 136 NFL fine the Saints and Cameron Jordan more than HALF

1670709154 252 NFL fine the Saints and Cameron Jordan more than HALF

The Saints stud pass rusher sounded off on the league following news of the hefty fine

After hearing about the fine, the Saints stud rusher voiced concern for the league

‘Anyways & for what a “deliberate action to delay game” before a tm punts? NFL just wanted a new patek aquanaut or summ… not off me.’

Jordan ended his online rant with a description of his initial reaction to the news of the fine, before his overwhelming feelings set in.    

‘Agent told me bout it and initially I laughed and was like, that’s ridiculous- clearly aggravated something,’ Jordan wrote. 

‘Then he told me how much the fine was and I been irked since.’

Jordan and the Saints looked certain to leave Florida with a victory before a late game collapse

Jordan and the Saints seemed certain to leave Florida with victory before a late-game collapse

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