January 28, 2023

New York Will Offer Free Abortion Pills At City-Runned Health Clinics As Mayor Eric Adams Says: “For Too Long, Healthcare Has Been Focused On Men”

  • Four clinics will offer the pills, with access at the Bronx clinic starting tomorrow
  • Mayor Eric Adams made the announcement today along with city health officials.
  • “We’ve been on the sidelines of women’s health for far too long,” she said.

Free abortion pills will be offered at four New York City-run health clinics, Mayor Eric Adams announced today.

Starting tomorrow, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene clinic in the Bronx will offer abortion medications, and three additional clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens will begin dispensing the pills by the end of the year.

The measure is part of a plan to tackle health inequalities for women in the city.

Adams said in a speech at City Hall today alongside city health officials: “For too long, health and healthcare have been focused on men.”

‘If men had periods, Pap smears and menopause, they would have paid holidays. And if men could get pregnant, we wouldn’t see Congress trying to pass laws restricting abortion.’

She added: “We have been on the sidelines of women’s health for far too long, and I have personally seen firsthand how the health system is letting our women down.”