February 5, 2023

“Did this guy forget that rugby is not a sport?”‘: New York Giants Scottish punter Jamie Gillan was ridiculed by fans for DROPKICKING against the Eagles. It even left the officials confused as to what next!

  • Jamie Gillan seemed to have dropped the ball by accident, before punting upfield
  • The incident caused confusion among officials who had to confer before issuing a ruling.
  • Gillan played rugby in his teens before moving to America and starting football.
  • Giants fans were not happy with the incident with ‘The Scottish Hammer. 
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Jamie Gillan, New York Giants’ punter, caused chaos when he dropped a ball before punting it in Sunday’s game against Philadelphia Eagles.

Gillan took the ball and punted far upfield, when he seemed to lose it in the rainy and wet conditions at the MetLife Stadium.

The ball bounced off his foot before he made contact. As it landed, the players were unsure what to do next. The officials were also confused.

Jamie Gillan was in a moment of forgetfulness when he accidentally dropped the ball during a Giants game

They had to gather together and discuss before finally deciding to award the ball to Eagles for an illegal kick, and a 10-yard penalty to the Giants.

Gillan’s kick was going to sum up the whole game for the Giants. They trailed Eagles 21-7 at the break.

Fans reacted furiously to Gillan’s error, which was not surprising. Gillan was born and raised in Scotland. He played rugby as an infant.

He He started playing football at the age of 16 when he moved to America. He is also known as “the Scottish hammer”.

One Twitter user commented on the clip, “Did this guy do it intentionally?” I can’t tell if the ball slipped or he forgot this isn’t rugby.’

Unfortunately for Gillan, social media was not nice reading in response to his kick

Gillan’s kick was not a nice response on social media.

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Another fan wrote, “Jamie Gillan just drops it before the punt… At this point, the wheels are completely off.

A rival fan of the Giants offered sympathy to the Giants. He wrote: ‘That #JamieGillan kick was probably the most painful thing I have ever seen happen in an NFL match and I’m a Colts supporter

The Giants were third in NFC East standings with a 7-4 record going into Sunday’s game. 

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