February 1, 2023

Australia’s Bachelors have been warned to avoid using social media for self promotion ahead of the new season.

Channel 10 executives were reportedly alarmed when two of the suitors, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh, promoted projects unrelated to the show on Instagram.

The network had to have a stern conversation with Felix Von Hofe and both men, as they were telling them that this kind of behavior makes the program look cheap.

Australia’s new Bachelors (L–R: Jed McIntosh & Thomas Malucelli) were warned against using social media to promote themselves ahead of the next season.

After Thomas, a life coach and punk musician Jed advertised his self help book, television bosses stepped in.

The men were instructed in no uncertain terms not to promote their ventures.

Sources said that leads often have many projects to promote and drop before the show. This can ruin the integrity and create the illusion that they are looking for love. Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They have been told to stop working on their side projects until the show airs.”

Channel 10 executives were reportedly alarmed when Thomas Malucelli (pictured) advertised his self-help book on Instagram

Jed, a Punk musician, promoted his single as well.

Channel 10 warned The Bachelors cast members to avoid the ’embarrassing’ stars of Married At First Sight in October.

Daily Mail Australia reported that a source said that an email was sent out to the cast, which included the leading men, asking them to keep away from the stars in MAFS. 

“It said that they were embarrassing, and if you wanted yours, [Instagram] blue ticks, $5,000 bonus, we had no choice but to avoid any events or other reality stars.

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Daily Mail Australia understands all cast members have been offered $5,000 and a nomination of a blue tick on Instagram as an inducement to stick to their contract.

Channel 10 warned The Bachelors cast members to avoid the ’embarrassing’ stars of Married At First Sight in October. (Pictured: Bachelor 2023 stars Ella Thiele, left, and Marjorie Griffiths, right)

Sources said that the cast received an email asking them to refrain from staring at MAFS stars. (Pictured are new Bachelors Felix Von Hofe and Jed McIntosh, as well as Thomas Malucelli).

Jed was seen mingling just days earlier with the cast of Married At First Sight, at a Melbourne celebrity boxing match.

He was photographed flirting with Olivia Frazer at one point.

Elsewhere, the tattooed rocker posed alongside Kate Laidlaw (who was fighting the night before) for photos.

Jed (right), had been seen just days before mingling at a Melbourne celebrity boxing match with the cast of Married At First Sight. (Pictured L to R: Cody Bromley, Matt Ridley, and Anthony Cincotta)

Jed was also seen hanging out with Kate Laidlaw (right) and Bec (left).

Channel 10 pressured Jed to keep his profile low before his season aired. However, Jed, one of three suitors for The Bachelors, seemed to not care as he took in all the attention.

He Before he was ushered backstage, Dan wished him good luck and sat down at Daniel’s table with Brent Vitiello, his MAFS rival. 

Once the match concluded, he went to The Osborne Rooftop & Bar, where he spent the night mingling with MAFS grooms Cody Bromley and Anthony Cincotta.

Married At First Sight’s future Bachelor star will appear in the new season 

After being spotted on the set for rival dating series Married At First Sight, one Bachelor contestant is now at risk of losing $5,000.

Perth-based Jessica Tomlinson was photographed attending her close friend Bronte Schofield’s wedding in August, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.

Daily Mail Australia photographs show the Broome-based FIFO worker talking to her friend at her western Sydney wedding.

Her She must sign a contract with Warner Bros. stating that she will not appear on any other television program or media program without the written consent of the network.

After Jessica’s appearance on MAFS, producers called Jessica to get an explanation. Jessica was then told she might not be eligible for the one-off payment.

‘Jessica was destroyed. She She had no idea that she was going on the program, it was all a surprise. She was pushed to the limit,” said a friend.

Channel 10 declined to comment. 

Jessica, a Perth-based bride, was photographed in the pink dress at her friend Bronte Schofield’s MAFS wedding in August.