February 9, 2023

Check out the pathetic apology Nespresso made after it took HUNDREDS of a woman’s account without any reason – and their paltry effort to make amends

  • Raha Bonakdar claims she was scammed out of $540 due to a Nespresso error
  • The 23-year old woman claimed that the company made an error and promised to be reimbursed
  • She was initially offered a $50 credit. Later, it was increased to $100. 
  • She She said that the mistake left her struggling to pay her bills and forced her to dip into her savings. 


After a payment error that took more than $500 from a woman’s account, Nespresso was forced to apologize to the woman. 

Raha Bonakdar was billed for $540 by the coffee capsule giant as a result of an internal technical error which left the Sydneysider scrambling to pay her bills. 

Ms Bonakdar noticed that her bank account was empty of hundreds of dollars on Thursday, before she discovered a mysterious $540 Nespresso transaction in the previous afternoon.

After Raha Bonakdar, 23, was hit with $540 in error payment fees, Nespresso had to apologize and make her pay the bill.

On Thursday Ms Bonakdar noticed her bank account was hundreds of dollars short and on closer inspection saw a transaction on Wednesday at 2.19pm, of $540 from Nespresso

Ms Bonakdar noticed that her bank account was short by hundreds of dollars on Thursday. She then examined the transaction of Wednesday, 2.19pm, which was $540 from Nespresso.

After Nespresso was contacted by the customer care head Gavin Hughes to rectify the error.

In an email to Ms Bonakdar, the sender confirmed that there was a ‘payment error’ which led to incorrect charging of her account.

“We are reaching out to you because we are aware of your situation. We are sorry for the anomaly.

“This is a serious matter that we take seriously, and your experience is our absolute top priority.

“We have refunded $540 of the payment taken from your account December 7, 2022, and we have quickly rectified this error.”

The email stated that the refund would be processed immediately, but could take up to five business days for her account to reach it.

Ms Bonakdar claimed that she hadn’t paid any subscription or product for the company in’several’ months. 

After contacting Nespresso to rectify the error and seek compensation, she received an email from the company's head of customer care Gavin Hughes confirming a 'payment error'

After Nespresso’s head of customer service Gavin Hughes sent an email to her confirming that there had been a ‘payment error’.

Ms. Bonakdar stated that the refund was not enough because she was left out of pocket for five days and wanted to be adequately compensated.

Nespresso offered a $50 store credit, which it called a gesture of goodwill.

‘I just bought a new car, I just paid for braces … I have a good wage but it doesn’t matter. They took $540 that I was supposed to use to pay my bills,’ she said. news.com.

‘I feel that my account was hacked. It wasn’t a cyber breach, if it was, maybe I would have been more easy going because that would be an external factor, but that fact it was internal, that’s what’s p****d me off,’ she said.

After After a 40-minute phone conversation with a supervisor at the company, she was informed that they would offer her $100 voucher. That was all they could do.

The offer from Nespresso which the company labelled as 'a gesture of goodwill' was a measly $50 store credit, which following a phone call was then upped to $100

The offer from Nespresso that the company called a “grace of goodwill” was a $50 store credit. It was later increased to $100 after a phone call.

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