January 28, 2023

After revealing that she feeds her baby like he’s a chicken’ by throwing snacks on top, Mum slammed.

  • After sharing how she feeds her baby, a mum decided to leave the internet.
  • She He loves to throw snacks on the ground like he is ‘feeding chickens’. 
  • Some people suggested that she shouldn’t have any children if she isn’t able to care for them well. 


After sharing a video in which she fed her baby son ‘like it was a chicken’, a young mother has been criticised.

The US-based mom posted the video to TikTok. She explained that she uses the controversial feeding method for sick children and it keeps her youngster entertained.

She cooed at her little son as he rolled on the floor, saying, “Hey baby! Eat the snacks!”

After revealing that she throws food on the ground for her baby, a mum was slapped

The mum says she likes feeding him like he is a chicken - but others were not impressed

The mum claims that she loves to feed him like a chicken, but others weren’t impressed.

‘He She loves it,” she said, adding more to the carpet.

The video went viral, earning the mom millions of likes. But not everyone was onboard.

‘She’s literally feeding her baby off the f***ing ground how is that okay bc she’s sick… don’t be a mom if u can’t take care of it,’ one woman said.


Is it OK to throw food on a baby’s floor?

  • They do eat from the ground! 0 votes
  • It is not, it’s horrible. 1 votes

One person stated that carpets harbor dangerous bacteria and that you need a mat to do this on.

“How lazy are your? Ask a third. 

It was called’survival mode’ by the mum and other mothers were quick in backing her up.

One woman stated that these comments showed how many people have never been sick or left alone to care for their child.

He added, “It’s a great way for him to keep busy and mobile,” a second.

The mum said her baby loves the game - and is always keen to fetch the snacks

The mother said that her baby loves the game and is always eager to get the snacks. 

One third of the group laughed: “He Is a free-range, grass-fed infant. 

Some mothers said that their children always pour their food on their floor, and they applauded the woman who cut out the middleman. 

Other mums claimed that they were sick and left their children alone, and never gave food to them.

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