February 9, 2023

More than 7 months after it was revealed, the world’s very first 1.5TB microSD card, Micron’s MTSD1T5ANC8MS-1WT, has actually landed, well practically. A handful of tech wholesalers have actually noted the card otherwise referred to as the i400 on their site and depending upon the number of you require and which area you are purchasing from, clients might need to wait on a minimum of 4 months. Mouser, Arrow and Avnet (plus its subsidiaries Farnell (opens in brand-new tab), Newark (opens in brand-new tab), Element14) have actually currently noted it with Newark being the most affordable at Newark, just $420.53, a rate that consists of complimentary shipment.

Purchase least 12,000 of them to see the cost drop to $381 (with an overall expense of more than $4.5m), not a bad cost for 18PB (yes, that’s Petabytes) of strong state storage that need to weigh, no greater than 4Kg (without the product packaging naturally). In case you were questioning, this microSD card costs about the like its weight in 0.125 carat diamond ($1.1m per Kg).