February 8, 2023

Over the next couple of months, Meta will slowly broaden end-to-end file encryption (E2EE) to all Messenger users to make sure a high level of security throughout the board.

“Slowly” is the keyword here as Meta mentions it will arbitrarily select (opens in brand-new tab) which talks get E2EE and which ones don’t. When selected, everybody in a chosen chat will be informed if their app now has that additional layer of defense. The thinking behind the random choice procedure is to alleviate both users and the business’s own facilities so regarding not overwhelm either of them. Preferably, the rollout will go more efficiently when done gradually rather of at one time. Plus, Meta will be checking whether E2EE will be a default setting for Messenger throughout this duration. So if you are among the fortunate couple of who gets selected initially, make sure to set up the upgrade as quickly as you can to have ideal security.