December 9, 2022

In a time-honored tradition of political candidates, Ms. Cheney described meeting two voters who, she said, had approached her to say exactly what she wanted to say.

One, she said, was a man from Brazil who told her, “I know how fragile freedom is, and we can’t lose it here.” The other was a woman in Jackson, Wyo., whose grandparents survived Auschwitz and who “was afraid she had nowhere to go if freedom died here.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, freedom must, cannot and will not die here,” said Ms. Cheney, before urging her supporters to join her in following what she had envisioned as General Grant’s path.

“As we leave here, let’s decide that we will stand together – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – against those who want to destroy our republic,” she said. “They are angry and determined, but they have never seen anything like the power of Americans united in the defense of our Constitution and committed to the cause of liberty. There is no greater power on this earth, and with God’s help we shall be victorious.”

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