September 27, 2022

I’ve heard it said that Cheney thinks she’s playing with history, and that she voluntarily chooses martyrdom in Wyoming because, in a way, she thinks it’s fate. Does that sound good to you?

Yes indeed. She is convinced that she is heeding the call of history and that Trump must be stopped to protect her party and the country.

For the crazies out there, Liz really believes in the Great Man theory of history, and she would like American schools to rededicate themselves to this approach. That’s what she told me when I interviewed her in Cheyenne this month.

I think we all assume she goes down with the ship in Wyoming tonight. Apart from the top result, what are you looking for in the figures?

I am very curious about the gap between urban and rural areas and what you could call the education gap. We know from polls that Trump is stronger with Republicans without college degrees. How much does that show in the proxy war here in Wyoming?

We have this determined focus in the Washington chat class on whether famous politicians like Cheney want to run for president. But there are other options, of course, like setting up a political action committee to lose weight, like John Bolton did, or starting some sort of think tank or institution, like John McCain did. What are you hearing about what the Liz Cheney superfans in the disgruntled corners of the GOP want her to do next?

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