February 5, 2023

Can you spot the problem with this advent calendar’s design? Kmart shoppers slam Kmart’s purchase after noticing one odd detail

  • An Australian mother said that her Kmart advent calendar was a complete failure.
  • The calendar is not numbered with dates 1 through 24, so they must guess.
  • The mum had to label four calendars she bought for her kids by herself


A mother-of-four was disappointed with the Kmart advent calendars that she bought for her children.

The $7 calendar is sold in Australian shops and does not have the 24 day numbers. Customers are therefore unsure of which order the windows should open in.

Instead, she had to number each door individually on each of four advent calendars for her kids.

This unusual purchase has sparked discussion amongst Aussie parents. Some of them believe there are more important issues than just the lack of numbers on their kids’ advent calendars.

A mother-of-four was disappointed with the Kmart advent calendars that she bought for her children. 

The $7 calendar does not have the 24 days numbered, so customers have no idea what order the windows should be opened in

The $7 calendar does NOT have the 24-day numbers, so customers are not able to know in which order the windows should be opened. 

The woman posted her Kmart fail’ to a popular Facebook group Fans of the Australian department store.

“No numbers on the advent Calendar.” Guess who had fun trying number all the slots this AM times four?

Other parents were also affected by the calendar.

“This Advent Calendar is a complete failure!” One frustrated mother agreed.

“There are no numbers.” It doesn’t make sense when each child chooses to open their own calendar.

The calendar includes an array of festive office supplies, including a ruler, mini markers, a glue stick, a gel pen, scissors and glitter glue (pictured)

The calendar contains a variety festive office supplies including a ruler and mini markers, a gluestick, a glue pen, a gel pen as well as scissors and glitter glue (pictured).

“Does it have to be numbered?” Can’t every child be creative in what they choose to open each day? one mum asked.


Does it matter if the advent calendar is numbered?

  • Yes, it should be numbered! 56 votes
  • It doesn’t matter what it is! 39 votes

“As long as the kids have fun with what they open, that’s all that matters.”

“Both my children love these, they just pick which one they want to open,” another agreed.

FEMAIL was informed by a spokesperson for Kmart that they are currently investigating the matter.

‘We always appreciate customer feedback and encourage any customer to reach out to us through our customer service team at [email protected]

Some parents feel that opening the calendar in an unplanned order would spoil the surprise for siblings.

One mum suggested that it might matter to them because the surprise of what’s behind each door is ruinous for the other child if they choose different ones.

Here are the best ways to create your own advent calendar 

* Hanging advent calendar – label 24 envelopes or paper bags and fill them with treats, then fix a piece of twine to the wall and attach each envelope or bag to the twine with a clothes peg

* Toilet roll calendar – print out numbers 1 -24 on circular shaped paper and stick them to the end of 24 empty toilet paper rolls, then fill each roll with surprises and put them in a box so the numbered side of the roll is facing out

* Baking tin calendar – use a 24-cup baking tray, or two 12-cup trays to make your calendar by filling each cup with treats then covering the cup with numbered paper

* Advent organiser – buy a cheap organiser box with pull put doors. Label each door with the advent dates and fill each box up with treats

(Source: Parents.com) 

Advent calendars have caused a lot of controversy this year. Parents are still arguing about the best order to open them.

A Melbourne The seemingly innocent question was posted by mum in a Facebook group to settle a dispute with her son.

“With advent calendars do you start with one or 24? She asked. She said, “I think 24” – because it’s a countdown of how many days until Christmas.

Some parents couldn’t believe that people start their advent calendars at the age of 24.

“I start at 1” means that you start at 1 and work your way up. That’s why it’s called the calendar.

Another mum stated, “It follows your days as you go along, obviously.” 

Others could not imagine them being anything other than a countdown.

One woman stated, “There are 24 sleeps left – I always count down and not up.”

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