February 9, 2023

An overview of Kim and Kanye’s love story 

2004: First meeting  

Kim and Kanye met for the first time on a music video shoot. Kanye was working with Brandy on a song and Brandy was styling her hair. 

At the time she was still married to Damon Thomas, who she wed in 2000, and Kanye was dating Alexis Phifer. 

Kanye was dating model Alexis Phifer

Kim shared her thoughts about their first meeting in the Keeping Up With The Kardashians 10th anniversary special. He Brandy was recording a song and I was her friend.

“I vividly recall hanging out with him, then they did a short video together, so I’d often see him…

‘He He was asking his friends: “Who is Kim Kardajan?” He “I didn’t know who my name was.” 

She Vogue Arabia, 2019, later revealed that she had said this to Vogue Arabia: “This was before you published your first album and you were well-known as a music producer. I was very shy…

‘You thought I was Brandy’s assistant, which I wasn’t. Ever since you said that, it’s everywhere… like “Kim is Brandy’s assistant.” I was her friend and stylist. [laughs]…

‘I thought you were attractive, nice, very charming, really funny, powerful – I was in awe of you, but I was really shy, quiet, and a little nervous, to be honest.’

Kim divorced Damon later that year. She had eloped at just 19 years old. She He claimed that domestic violence was the reason for the divorce, a claim he has always denied. 

Kim wrote: “In the divorce papers,Before We left home and Damon punched me in the face. He also cut my lips. I fell on the bed frame, and my knee was abraced. When we went skydiving, I was still limping.

Sealing the deal: West’s crush on Kardashian only grew over the years as the rising star began getting photographed next to her boss-turned-friend Paris Hilton; Paris and Kim pictured in 2006

2006: Heads turn further 

Kanye’s crush on Kim grew as she began to be photographed with Paris Hilton, her boss and now friend. 

Kanye shared his feelings for his future wife in an interview with Ryan Seacrest back in 2013. He said that he had seen a photo of her next in Australia and fell in love. 

He She said, “I knew that she was my girl and I wanted to keep her as my friend for a long time.” “I can recall that I saw a photo of her and Paris Hilton. I remember telling my boy, “Have ya seen that girl Kim Kardijon?” 

Despite his growing attraction towards Kim, Kanye decided to propose to Alexis, his longtime girlfriend, in August 2006. 

His proposal was slightly less formal than the one he proposed to Kim years later. 

Kanye popped the question to Alexis over a lobster and pasta dinner during a vacation to Capri. 

However, tragedy struck again the next year when Kanye’s mother Donda died.

After several procedures including liposuction and a tummy and breast reduction, she felt a tightening sensation in her chest and had to stop. West was called 911 by a friend, who was also present. West was taken to the hospital and declared dead at the emergency department.

After her death, Kanye seemed keen to honour her wishes of his marriage as he said of tying the knot to Alexis: ‘I’m just going to go and get married — I’m not going to make a big deal out of it…

“I wouldn’t get married to prove anything. It’s for me. I need stability in my life. I’m happy to have found someone I love and that challenges me. I can’t wait to see what they do.

Working together: Kanye asks Kim to appear in his infamous hip-hop puppet show Alligator Boots, where she would be playing the part of Star Wars’ Princess Leia; Kim and Kanye pictured in 2008

2008: A split. Princess Leia, two new love interests and Princess Leia. 

In April, Kanye calls off his year-and-a-half engagement to Phifer, as confirmed by Phifer in a statement to PeopleIn which she stated: “It’s always tragic when things like this end. But we still remain friends.” 

Shortly after, Kanye asked Kim to appear in his infamous hip-hop puppet show Alligator Boots, where she would be playing the part of Star Wars’ Princess Leia.

Although the show was rejected by Comedy Central, Kardashian still had fond feelings for the project as she shared behind the scenes pictures from the set of Alligator Boots to social media in 2018.

Kim posted on her website that she had previously met, but this was the first time they really connected. These pictures are so funny! 

At the time of filming Alligator Boots, Kim was in a relationship with New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush, who she started dating in 2007. 

Kanye began to work with Amber Rose as a model in September that year. 

The future couple? Kim and Kanye reunited at the Y-3 New York City show in February. Kim was there with Reggie her boyfriend, while Kanye arrived alone and got a seat right next to Milla Jovovich and the couple.

2009: A trendy meet and a mysterious reference 

Kim and Kanye reunited at the Y-3 Show in New York City in February. Kim attended the show with boyfriend Reggie, while Kanye arrived solo and snagged a seat next to the couple and actress Milla Jovovich.

April’s appearance on Keri Hilson’s hit song Knock You Down suggests that he is referring to his growing crush on Kim and his jealousy about her relationship with Reggie. 

He rapped: ‘You were the cheerleader in my dreams. / I only want to date the head of football team /…

“And I was your class clown, that kept you laughing all the time / We weren’t meant to be this way, baby we just happened.” 

Kanye, Amber and their relationship ended in July that year.

2010: Two love stories are over 

Kim and Reggie broke up in March after three years of dating. According to reports, Reggie was the one who split with Kim. The pressures of fame.

They had He briefly separated in August 2009, but he couldn’t reconcile with Kim’s rising star. 

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An insider revealed to e! Online: An insider told e! They are open to reconciling in the future, but they must be apart now.

Kanye, Amber and their relationship ended in July that year. 

Amber blamed Kim after their split and stated that Kim was one of the main reasons Kanye and I are apart. She’Is a homewrecker! 

Kanye has been openly critical of Amber in the years since their split. He said, most famously, that he had to take “30 showers” after dating her. 

Kim was filming the music videos for Jam (Turn It On) in December. Kanye was there. Famously, Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner snapped at him for checking out her daughter’s famous derriere by bluntly saying, ‘Don’t be looking at her a**’. 

The songwriter retorted, “I’ve never actually seen it.” 

Kim and Kris married August 2011 in Montecito (CA), during a lavish, live-televised ceremony

2011: Hump(hries), on the road  

In May 2011, Kim got engaged to her NBA star boyfriend Kris Humphries, who she started dating in October of 2010. 

In August that year, Kim and Kris wed during a lavish, televised ceremony in Montecito, CA. The spectacular nuptials attracted approximately 450 guests. It cost around $10million.

Kim filed for divorce in October after only 72 days of marriage.  

Kim revealed later that she was unsure about her marriage, but she felt she had to move forward because of the pressures around her. 

She She said, “There was so much attention paid to the wedding. I thought maybe it was the anxiety from the pressure of the show.” 

“The night before, I was pulled aside by my mom, off camera. She was like, “This ain’t it?”

“I felt like I was doing it for the show. People were saying that you had to be married for at least a year. But I was physically unable to do it. After I made the decision, [to divorce]It was all made up for the show, but everyone agreed. Everyone wanted me to go. 

Kris said of the split: ”It’s never easy to go through the embarrassment of something like that — with your friends, with your family …. But it’s something else when it all happens so publicly in front of the whole world. It was brutal.”  

On his appearance Kocktails paired with KhloeKhloe was shocked when Kanye told her that he tried talking Kim out of moving forward with Kris’ marriage.  

Soon after, rumors started to circulate that Kim was extending her friendship with Kanye.

Early snap: Kim confirmed her relationship with Kanye in June 2012. They also announced their engagement in December 2012.

2012: It’s TRUE, and there’s still a baby

After eight years of meeting, they were finally reunited. 

In March, The rumored couple let it be known they were spending time with each other when Kim sat front row at Kanye’s runway show during Paris Fashion Week. 

After months of rumors, Kim and Kanye finally made their love official when they tied the knot in New York City. 

In May they took things a step further and make their red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival during the premiere for the film Cruel Summer. 

The Stronger rapper revealed his joy at the news that he was expecting his first child with Kim in December during an Atlantic City New Year’s Eve concert. 

With a broad smile, the rapper declared’stop music’ and then said’make noise right here for my baby mama’. The announcement by Kanye prompted an explosion of excitement from the crowd via Twitter. 

Taking to her official website, Kim also confirmed the pregnancy, writing: ‘It’s true!! Kanye and i are expecting a child…

We feel so fortunate and lucky. I wish my dad and his mom could be there to share this moment with us. Looking forward to 2013 and starting a family. 

2013: North West is a star… and there’s a wedding! 

Epic proposal: In October, Kanye made proposal history when he asked Kim for her hand in marriage with a sparkling 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring

Kim and North West welcomed their daughter North West on June 15. 

A few weeks later, Kanye and Kanye shared a picture of their baby girl on KUWTK. Kris appeared on Kris’s short-lived talk show.

Kanye proposed to Kim in October with a stunning Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring that was 15 carats.

The proposal was a total surprise and went down at the AT&T Park baseball park in San Francisco, which Kanye rented out for the occasion. 

He The words “PLEEESE MARY MEEE ” were arranged to flash up on the big scoreboard at the ballpark. had arranged for the words ‘PLEEESE MARRY MEEE!!!’ to flash up on the huge scoreboard at the ballpark. 

Kanye was brazen despite his brilliance.’…

“I don’t think I’m arrogant about feelings and love. . . She was my girl and I knew it for a long time.

After their November engagement, Kim and Kanye made headlines worldwide when Kim appeared naked while riding Kanye’s motorbike in Bound 2’s music video.  

2014: The wedding 

The couple got married in May of the next year at Florence’s Renaissance Fortress.

In May the following year, the couple tied the knot at  the Renaissance fortress in Florence, Italy. The lavish affair saw 200 people in attendance and Kim walked down the aisle in a stunning Maison Margiela bridal gown.

Rich Wilkerson Jr., North Miami’s pastor, conducted their wedding. E! spoke to Kris shortly after the ceremony. Kim’s mum Kris shared her joy with E! News moments after the ceremony.

“What a romantic, magical wedding!” She added. “I feel blessed to have both my son and his family as part our family,” she said. Kanye was equally enthusiastic, according to MailOnline. He gave an eight-minute speech for the guests.

“I just want to stop the music a moment ‘cos mine baby’s returning with a new gown on. He introduced his bride, Kim Kardashian West.

After According to Us Weekly, the ceremony featured the guests breaking bread together in family-style on a 70-metre-long marble banquet. This was a gift from Gualtiero vannelli, a master craftsman who used Carrara marble from the Tuscan quarry. 

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During the ceremony, Andrea Bocelli, an Italian Tenor, serenaded Kim & Kanye with several songs including Con te Partiro. Steve McQueen (Lala Anthony), Jaden Smith, Joe Francis, and Joe Francis were some of the stars at the nuptials. 

2015: Saint West 

Kim and Kanye gave birth to their second child Saint West on December 5, 2015.

Kim was adamant that she would not be married to Kanye after her first anniversary. Glamour

The Grammy winner revealed that she was expecting her second baby with her. 

‘North taught me patience. Nothing I wouldn’t do to help her. My husband is the same. SheStar said that it had ‘enabled us to want to become the best parents and the greatest spouses’.

In December, Kim and Kanye welcomed their second child, son Saint West, on December 5, 2015. 

Kim shared a photo of Saint on Instagram, eager to share the newborn with her large Instagram following.

Kim later talked about life with two children, saying that North was the younger sister. I don’t know why it happens. I thought it was a phase. She She doesn’t like her brother and it is so hard for us… 

‘She Would get jealous of my breastfeeds and all that stuff. The phase isn’t going away. 

Kim, who is loved and revered for her seemingly diva ways, continued to offer insight into North’s daily life.She She thinks she can outsmart me. 

“Like, she’ll throw a tea party, and tell the boys that no boys are allowed. Dad won’t be able to attend the party — no boys. She’ll also slam on her brother’s door and he will just start crying. 

2016: Kim’s trouble and trauma in paradise

Kim was traumatized by burglars who broke into her Paris apartment in Fashion Week 2016. They stole $10 million worth of jewellery.

In 2016, Kim was left traumatised when burglars broke into her Paris apartment during Fashion Week, tied her up and stole $10million of jewellery in October 2016. 

She learned so much from the experience that she was able to accept it in 2018.

Five men dressed in ski masks, wearing police markings, robbed reality star.

The robbers entered the building around 3am after the concierge had allowed them in.

The concierge led them to the flat of the starlet, while they were held at gunpoint and handcuffed. 

Kim was reported to have ‘begged for the life’ and said that she had children. Two gunmen entered Kim’s room and took the gun from her head.

The men stole a jewellery box worth €6 million ($6.7 million/ £5.24 million) and a ring worth €4 million ($4.5 million/ £3.5 million), prompting fears that the valuables were personal ones, and not just jewellery Kim was borrowing for fashion week.

Kim also lost two of her prized smart phones – ones that are likely to contain a great deal of personal information. 

Kim was still recovering from the trauma of the robbery. Later that year, Kim was confronted with accusations of friction due to Kanye’s online behavior.

After Kanye was on a few Twitter tangents. Insiders say that Kanye’s compulsive Twittering is what caused friction in the marriage. 

Kim can’t take it. She is not a fan of Twitter drama, but does promote self-promotion. 

However, they said that Kim was not having any issues and that there wasn’t anything to report. 

2017: Baby number three

To carry their third child, the couple hired a surrogate. In July, it was reported that Kim decided to use surrogacy after suffering health problems during her previous two pregnancies.

To carry their third child, the couple hired a surrogate. Kim decided to have a surrogate due to complications she had with her first two pregnancies.

Kim, who was diagnosed with life-threatening placenta complications while carrying North and Saint, is believed to have been referred by an agency to find the right surrogate.

TMZ claims the famous couple paid $45,000 for a surrogate to bear their third child. Then, TMZ revealed that the lady in question was an African-American college graduate in the Twenties. 

“The whole family is thrilled.” Kim had been searching for a surrogate for many months, until she finally found the right candidate,’ a source revealed to People. 

The singer stated that they want everything to be perfect, and that the baby should be healthy. 

“They don’t want to have any complications, and Kim is providing an ideal diet and eating regimen so that everyone is aware of what the baby is eating before it’s born.” 

Kim talked to Kourtney before they hired their surrogate. She said that if you use a surrogate nobody needs to know the entire time.

“You could have a baby for one year and no one would know.” 

2018: Chicago is here  

Their daughter Chicago was born in January

Their daughter Chicago was born in January. 

Kim joyfully announced the news and stated that she was in love with her husband. Kanye and i are thrilled to announce the birth of our beautiful, healthy baby girl. 

Kim shared with us three days later that she and her husband had decided to name their baby girl Chicago.

 She shared a picture of the name, captioned with the date and time of the tot’s birth, plus her weight – 7lbs, 6oz.

She Shared a post that explains how to pronounce Chicago’s short version.

 The informative messages said: ‘And to everyone who thinks it’s literally pronounced as CHI. No. It’s ‘Shy’.’

Kim, who is often called ‘Chi’ when she’s being questioned about the unusual title, said that “Everyone wants to know where we got it from.”

“Kanye” is originally from Chicago and Chicago is very close to his memories of his mother. So we went with Chicago. 

2019: Sunday Service begins! 

They welcomed Psalm West, their second son, via a surrogate in May. Later they renewed their wedding vows. 

In May,  they then welcomed another son Psalm West by a surrogate and later renewed their wedding vows.

She Psalm’s birth was announced on Mother’s Day, with a photo of the baby asleep. 

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Kris later explained what the name stood for, saying that the Book of Psalms in Bible was the inspiration. It’s a great way to express how they feel. It’s also perfect because he is such a blessing. HeIt’s adorable. 

Kim previously spoke about her plans to have four children.

She “I believe that,” he said. [for] Anyone who has more than three I would recommend the fourth. You’re already there. You are so close. It feels so balanced. It feels like there’s a partner for everyone—no one’s left out. It’s a world where everyone gets along.

Kanye launched Kanye’s Sunday Service at the same time that the biblical name was released. Since the beginning of 2019, he has been delivering his own religious service every Sunday at his house.

Kanye launched Kanye’s Sunday Service in the same year. He has been delivering his own religious service every Sunday at his house since the beginning 2019 with the biblical name.

Kim spoke out about the services and explained what they meant for Kanye. Kim said that Kanye started it, I believe, to heal himself. It was very personal, and there were only friends and family.

‘He A remarkable evolution has occurred in that Christ was born again and is now saved.

“It’s a music ministry for the most part. Kanye doesn’t have a 501. [registered non-profit exempt from federal tax] Although it has yet to be made an official church, it is for God and a Christian church. It began as a healing process for him, and he now wants to share it with everyone else. 

Kanye also spoke out about Sunday Service. He told David Letterman, “It was really an Idea that We Had to Open Our Hearts and Make Music That Feels Pure and Positive… 

“And just do it every Sunday for an hour. It’s important to have a place where everyone can get together and be able to feel good about themselves. 

Kanye, along with Elon Musk and Kim, announced that he would be entering the 2020 presidential race. 

2020: Kanye and Kim’s birthday

Kanye, along with Elon Musk and Kim, announced that he would be entering the 2020 presidential race on July 4. 

Later that month, on the 19th of July, he held a South Carolina campaign rally, wearing a bulletproof jacket with’security’ written on it and his head shaved with ‘2020. 

He spoke in a long speech and revealed that he and Kim had thought about aborting North. He also claimed Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist, ‘never actually liberated the slaves’. 

On July 22, he fired off a series of tweets claiming Kim was trying to have him locked up on medical grounds, that he had been ‘trying to get divorced’ since Kim allegedly met rapper Meek Mill at the Waldorf Hotel and called mother-in-law Kris Jenner ‘Kris Jong-Un’. 

Kim later released a statement stating that Kanye was experiencing a bipolar episode at the moment. Later, it was revealed that he was at Wyoming Ranch and Kim was in tears while she visited him.

Kim and Kanye celebrated her 40th birthday with elaborate festivities on October 28th. This included dinner at candlelight and a private island party with her closest and dearest. 

After Kim spoke out about some precautions that she instructed everyone to follow in order to enjoy her big day. These included a two-week quarantine. 

She This is what she wrote: “40 and feeling humbled and blessed.” It is impossible for me to take anything for granted, particularly during these times when it becomes clear that the most important things in life are not taken for granted.

Virtual: Kim Kardashian announced on Thursday that she was gifted a hologram from Kanye West of her father Robert in celebration of her 40th Birthday 

“For my birthday this years, I couldn’t think of a better place to spend it than with the people who helped me become the woman that I am today. Before COVID, I don’t think we all appreciated the simple luxury of being able to travel and spend time with our families and friends in a safe place.

‘After After 2 weeks of multiple health screenings and asking everyone to quarantine I surprised my closest circle by taking them to a private island, where they could pretend that everything was normal for a short time. We danced, rode bikes and swam close to whales. We also kayaked and watched a movie at the beach.

“I know that this is a very distant goal for most people. So in these moments, I am humbled to remind myself of how blessed my life is. #thisis40.’

During the trip, she received a hologram of her late father Robert from husband Kanye. 

Robert Kardashian, the famous attorney who died tragically from esophageal Cancer in July 2003, at the age of just 59, was brought back into virtual life to receive the unusual gift that many fans have called ‘creepy.

One of the statements that the virtual Kardashian patriarch made was that his famous daughter was a grown-up, while he also called Kanye (43), ‘the most intelligent man in all of the world’.

The video lasted two and a half minutes. It showed Kim Kardashian wearing a beige suit jacket over a white crisp white dress shirt.

Kimberly was happy to greet the hologram with a “Happy Birthday Kimberly” message. “Look at me!” You’re now 40 and are all grown up. You’re beautiful as when you were little. I watch over you, your siblings and brothers and the children every day. Sometimes I drop hints that you’re around,’ Robert noted, referring to what the Kardashians call a ‘bigpeefee’.

2021: The End

Officially filing for divorce from ‘Jesus Walks Star’ in February 2021, the reality star aged 41 years old filed.

After a turbulent year, the couple split. Kanye had accused Kim of trying ‘lock me up’. He also said that he wanted to divorce her. 

Kanye also made a failed run for the White House in 2020 and during his first presidential campaign rally told attendees that Kim had considered aborting daughter North.