February 4, 2023

A hairdresser has revealed the biggest mistake people make when washing their locks that can destroy the health of their hair.

Ricky Walters, who owns SALON64 in London, said sticking to a strict hair washing routine even if your hair does not necessarily need to be washed on a particular day is causing more problems than it solves.

The stylist added you should only be washing your hair in the shower if you think it actually needs to be washed – and if it doesn’t look or feel greasy then it’s much better to leave it.

He revealed he often sees clients who wash their hair on certain days of the week, even if their tresses are clean.

A hairdresser has revealed one of the biggest mistakes clients make with their haircare routine that affects the health of their hair. Ricky Walters, who owns SALON64 in London, said sticking to a strict hair washing routine can do more harm than good (stock image)

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: ‘There are so many factors to think about when washing your hair and the healthiest heads of hair are often washed the least.

‘Take into consideration your lifestyle, exercise, the heat, the weather, and where you have been.’

He urged people to ‘break the habit’ of sticking to certain wash days and only washing their hair when they really need to.

Mr Walters added people who live in densely populated urban areas are more likely to need to wash their hair more often because of pollution.

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In contrast, people who live in the countryside or by the sea are less likely to need to wash their hair frequently.

The hair expert also revealed his top tip for getting the best results when you run conditioner through your hair.

He revealed many people waste money on expensive conditioners, only to use them in a way that doesn’t make the most of them. 

Explaining that conditioner can be watered down if you apply it to soaking wet hair, he advised people to towel dry their locks for two minutes after shampooing and before applying conditioner.

When the conditioner is applied, he recommended leaving it for a further two minutes before rinsing it out. 

Mr Walters’ tips come after a hairdresser in Australia revealed her biggest gripes from customers as she works on their locks.

Emily Pytel revealed she couldn’t stand it when a customer came to her salon with ‘super dirty hair’.

She added customers who turn their heads to look in the mirror while their stylist is trying to cut their tresses is one of her other pet peeves.