February 5, 2023

I think the real villain in this story is our society, where it has become normal to film people in need instead of offering support or assistance. We pull out our phones, laugh at the pictures, share them on social media, turn them into funny memes, and take one of the worst days of someone’s life and make it even more terrible.

I hope all of you who laugh at the story, who share memes about it and laugh at each other, remember that there are human beings involved with human feelings. Yes, the images were of a controversial middle-aged cricketer, his glamorous girlfriend and his fellow TV star. But they are also images of a woman’s anguish, of anger, shock and pain.

If you have never been hurt by another person, then yes, laugh it off. But if you know what it’s like to be in that person’s position, then show some compassion.

And if you see a couple fighting in public, leave them alone, or if someone is in danger, ask if they need help. At the very least, try to do the right thing and resist the urge to film.

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