February 8, 2023

Identify the professional photographer! Wildlife fanatic completely camouflage fit mixes effortlessly into forest – so can YOU discover him?

  • Professional photographer Sasan Amir takes a trip the world using smart camouflage searching for the ideal shot
  • Sasan’s worldwide photography trips can use up to half a year of preparation, effort and taking a trip
  • He states his primary objective is to spread out awareness of seriously threatened animals in requirement of assistance


These seemingly straightforward photographs actually feature photographer Sasan Amir, 27, who has spent the last five years tracking animals around the world in stunning disguise.

Sasan uses a camouflage suit to blend in with his environment and get close to animals in their natural surroundings without disturbing them.

He has taken 1.2 million photographs since finding his passion for photography at the age of nine.

Can you find him disguised in these woodland snaps? 



Sasan Amir (pictured) was given a cheap camera at the age of nine and has followed his passion for photography ever since


Sasan'S Career Has Allowed Him To Travel Widely, From South Africa To Ecuador And Bolivia To Across Asia, For The Right Shot

Sasan’s career has allowed him to travel widely, from South Africa to Ecuador and Bolivia to across Asia, for the right shot


Sasan, With 36K Instagram Followers, Has Taken 1.2Mn Photographs Over An 18 Year Career, Tracking Animals For The Last Five

Sasan, with 36k Instagram followers, has taken 1.2mn photographs over an 18 year career, tracking animals for the last five


The Photographer With A Global Following Says Planning Is Key And Sometimes Takes Half A Year To Prepare For A Shoot

The photographer with a global following says planning is key and sometimes takes half a year to prepare for a shoot

It can take months of preparation for Sasan to set up and find the right shot.

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He said: ‘Planning is key, try to get as much information as possible and still stay flexible and easy if something is not going to plan.

‘Then there are two main rules, don’t disturb the animals and second don’t get yourself into too dangerous situations. No signal, no Wi-Fi, no internet and sometimes no electricity and water are facts which you should always keep in mind before making risky decisions.

‘Take your time and don’t stress yourself out. Wild animals are not something you can get easily and especially not from a close distance. The worst if you are not successful on a wildlife trip is that you have spend time in nature which is a win/win for me.

‘Respect animals and plants and don’t let any waste where it doesn’t belong please.

‘I take the pictures using my camera and a drone. I use drones for hardly walkable or very dangerous places and to get an idea of the whole environment I am hiking and exploring.

‘In many situations a good professional drone can also replace a helicopter ride for captures and is much faster and cheaper.’



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1674475112 158 Spot The Photographer Can You Find The Camouflaged Wildlife Fanatic



Sasan, Pictured Here On A Shoot, Has Stuck With His Craft For 18 Years Since Finding A Passion For Photography At Age Nine

Sasan, pictured here on a shoot, has stuck with his craft for 18 years since finding a passion for photography at age nine

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