February 5, 2023

Public support for doctors and nurses has collapsed in recent years, especially among conservatives, as the sector has been criticized for waking up to everything from masking to handing out puberty blockers to children.

The share of Americans who rate doctors’ ethical standards highly dropped from 77 percent at the start of the pandemic in 2020 to 62 percent by the end of 2022, an unusually steep 15-point drop in two years. says galup.

Nurses, and even pharmacists, have also seen their approval ratings plummet. They are still far ahead of other professions, such as lawyers, bankers and accountants, but the decline is marked and worrying.

The discontent is especially acute among Republicans, arising as more and more parts of society are sucked into the culture wars that are making America a more divided and perhaps even less stable nation.

Public support for doctors and nurses has plummeted, as the sector has been criticized for everything from the excessive use of masks to the distribution of puberty blockers to children.

Doctors Are Still Far Ahead Of Other Professions Such As Lawyers, Bankers And Accountants, But The Decline Is Marked And Worrying.

Doctors are still far ahead of other professions such as lawyers, bankers and accountants, but the decline is marked and worrying.

Medicine has not been spared, with disputes over the care of transgender children, the introduction of ‘wake-up’ oaths in medical schools, and masks, vaccinations and other public health measures during the pandemic.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is leading the charge against waking up in schools, but has also attacked mask mandates and vowed to investigate “wrongdoing” by the National Institutes of Health and other national health bodies.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, said “inconsistencies” in public health messaging about the pandemic and parental anger over caring for trans people had unsettled the industry. .

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“These have combined to make the public less confident in the recommendations of medical experts,” Dr Goldfarb told DailyMail.com.

‘Health care is in crisis, driven by political ideology. The solution is an evidence-based approach and reliance on sound scientific principles to clarify what care best serves patients.’

For many, there were too many too strict COVID rules that were in place for too long, especially for school-age children. Still, others complained when the Centers for Disease Control in 2021 said vaccinated people could remove their masks.

A Large Anti-Vaccination Protest In New York City Over Inoculation And Mask Mandates In October 2021

A large anti-vaccination protest in New York City over inoculation and mask mandates in October 2021


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The American Medical Association Removed A Bust Of Its Founder, Dr. Nathan Davis, For Racism

The American Medical Association removed a bust of its founder, Dr. Nathan Davis, for racism

Anthony Fauci, the former White House chief medical adviser, became the bogeyman for conservatives, who questioned his handling of the pandemic and accused him of undermining then-President Donald Trump.

Offering surgery, puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors who identify as transgender, which has increased markedly in the past decade, has also angered some with the medical profession, Dr. Goldfarb said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other groups say “gender-affirming care,” as it’s known, can prevent trans children from suffering and even suicide.

But some experts and parents warn of an ideological fad that leaves young people hurt, regretful, and even maimed.

Republicans across the country have tried to restrict the proceedings, especially among young people.

The DeSantis administration requested a large amount of information this week about students receiving trans treatment at Florida universities, advancing its policy to challenge or reduce treatment for trans people.

“The approach of many medical societies has also created distress, particularly among parents who have seen their children exposed to the potential of drugs and even surgical procedures that can cause irreversible damage,” said Dr. Goldfarb.

Critics are also slamming “wake up” oaths being implemented in medical schools, including the University of Minnesota’s new mantra that sees freshmen commit to tackling white supremacy and embracing indigenous medicine.

The Drop In Approval Of Nurses And Doctors Is Especially Sharp Among Republican Voters.

The drop in approval of nurses and doctors is especially sharp among Republican voters.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Is Increasingly Critical Of The Medical Awakening

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is increasingly critical of the medical awakening

Others point to the decision of the American Medical Association (AMA) in February 2021 to remove the statue displayed at its Chicago headquarters of its founder, Dr. Nathan Davis, who promoted racist policies in the 19th century.

Doctors have described changes in health policies and attitudes amid a wave of progressive activism during COVID and after the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in Minnesota in May 2020.

They also lament stress, long hours, and other problems at work. A survey this week by Qualtrics, a technology company, found that nearly two-fifths of healthcare workers said they were at risk of burnout and were considering quitting.

Dr Suneel Dhand, a physician and life coach who works in the US and UK and has a large following online, expressed his concerns on social media this week.

“I could never have imagined in a million years as a medical student that telling a biological man they don’t need a pregnancy test, or telling an obese person that their body fat makes them very unhealthy, would be extremely controversial.” . day,” Dr. Dhand posted.

“God bless American ‘progress’.”

DailyMail.com contacted the AMA, as well as the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Board of Medical Specialties, for comment.

Either they refused or they didn’t respond.

Gallup, which has tracked the honesty and ethics of the professions since 1976, says the public has been supportive of doctors and nurses since the start of the pandemic, when they were frontline workers battling a surge of deaths.

But that changed fast.

“Pharmacists… now post their lowest ethical rating in four decades of measurement (58 percent) by one point,” the researchers said.

‘The qualification of doctors is at its lowest point since 1999 and that of nurses since 2004.’

At the same time, Americans are increasingly regretting their health care standards.

For the first time since Gallup began asking the question two decades ago, a majority, 52 percent, of Americans rated US healthcare as unsatisfactorywith 31 percent calling it ‘fair’ and 21 percent calling it ‘poor’.

For The First Time Since Gallup Began Asking The Question Two Decades Ago, The Majority, 52 Percent, Of Americans Rated Us Health Care As Unsatisfactory.

For the first time since Gallup began asking the question two decades ago, the majority, 52 percent, of Americans rated US health care as unsatisfactory.

Doctors, Nurses, And Even Pharmacists Are Still Far Ahead Of Other Professions, Such As Lawyers, Bankers, And Accountants, But The Decline In Support Is Stark And Worrying.

Doctors, nurses, and even pharmacists are still far ahead of other professions, such as lawyers, bankers, and accountants, but the decline in support is stark and worrying.

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