February 9, 2023

There have actually been more mass shootings in the United States than days this year, consisting of 4 in simply 8 days in California that have actually left 26 individuals dead.

Within the very first 24 days of this year, 70 individuals have actually been eliminated and 167 hurt in 39 mass shootings, according to the Weapon Violence Archive, an institute tracking shootings in the nation.

At this time in 2015, America had actually seen 27 mass shootings, according to the Archive, which specifies mass shootings as an event where a minimum of 4 individuals are shot and hurt or eliminated.

In California, simply 2 days after shooter Huu Can Tran eliminated 11 individuals at a ballroom casino, 7 more victims were shot dead in a farming location near San Francisco on Monday. 

There have actually been more mass shootings in the United States than days this year, consisting of 3 in simply 8 days in California that have actually left 19 dead. Envisioned: A male checks out a memorial at Star Dance Studio in Monterey Park on Monday for the 11 victims who passed away as an outcome of a mass shooting there

California Guv Gavin Newsom stated he was going to injured survivors from Saturday night’s massacre in the Los Angeles suburban area of Monterey Park when he was notified of Monday’s killings in northern California. ‘Catastrophe upon disaster,’ Newsom composed on Twitter.

In another event, a single person passed away and 7 were hurt in Oakland, near San Francisco, California, on Monday in a shooting in between numerous people, Oakland Authorities Department reported.

8 days previously, 6 individuals, consisting of a 17-year-old mom and her ten-month-old boy – were eliminated in a shooting at a house in Goshen, California. 

Here, MailOnline takes a look at the most dangerous mass shootings in the United States up until now this year.

Half Moon Bay, California – 7 dead and 1 hurt 

Chunli Zhao, 67, Was Taken Into Custody On Monday Accused Of Murdering Seven Farm Workers In The Half Moon Bay Area

Chunli Zhao, 67, was apprehended on Monday implicated of killing 7 farm employees in the Half Moon Bay location

Chunli Zhao, 67, a veteran farm employee, is thought of opening fire and eliminating 7 fellow Chinese farming workers in what is being referred to as an office conflict.

The shootings happened at 2 different areas in Half Moon Bay, California, with 4 chance at a farm run by Concord Farms, and 3 at Mountain Mushroom Farms 2 miles away. Authorities are not sure which was assaulted initially.

Officers arrested Zhao after they found him in his vehicle in the car park of a sheriff’s substation, San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus said. 

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Authorities believe Zhao was a worker at one of the facilities and that the victims were also employees, Ms Corpus said. 

Chunli Zhao, 67, Is Pictured On Monday Afternoon As He Is Arrested By San Mateo County Officials

Chunli Zhao, 67, is pictured on Monday afternoon as he is jailed by San Mateo County officials

Some workers at one facility lived on the premises and children may have witnessed the shooting, she added.

She said officials have not yet determined a motive for the shooting.

‘We’re still trying to understand exactly what happened and why, but it’s just incredibly, incredibly tragic,’ said state Senator Josh Becker, who represents the area and called it ‘a very close-knit’ agricultural community.

A San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Walks Towards Police Tape As Law Enforcement Officials Conduct An Investigation Following A Mass Shooting On January 23 In Half Moon Bay, California

A San Mateo County sheriff deputy walks towards police tape as law enforcement officials conduct an investigation following a mass shooting on January 23 in Half Moon Bay, California

Monterey Park, California – 12 dead and 10 injured

Gunman Huu Can Tran, 72, opened fire at patrons inside the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday night, killing 11 people and injuring 10 others.

Tran then drove to a nearby dance hall where an employee wrestled a modified 9mm submachine gun-style semi-automatic weapon away from him.

Ming Wei Ma, Mymy Nhan, 65, Valentino Alvero, 68, Diana Tom, 70, Lilian Li, 63, and Xiuhuan Yu, 57, have been named as six of the 11 people shot dead during the Lunar New Year festivities. 

Huu Can Tran, 72, Shot Himself On Sunday In A Van After Being Surrounded By Swat Teams. His Motive For The Rampage At Star Dance Studio Remains Unconfirmed, But Police Sources Say It Was A 'Domestic Dispute'. He Is Shown In Surveillance Footage From Saturday

Huu Can Tran, 72, shot himself on Sunday in a van after being surrounded by SWAT teams. His motive for the rampage at Star Dance Studio remains unconfirmed, but police sources say it was a ‘domestic dispute’. He is shown in surveillance footage from Saturday 

Fbi Investigators Stand Near The Star Dance Studio (Not Pictured) Where Tan Opened Fire And Killed 11 People

FBI investigators stand near the Star Dance Studio (not pictured) where Tan opened fire and killed 11 people 

Monterey Park Killer Huu Can Tran 72 Was An Unhappy

Victim Valentino Alvero

Victim Diana Tom, 70

Diana Tom, 70, (right) was critically wounded in the shooting and later died in hospital on Sunday. Valentino Alvero (left), a father, has also been identified as one of the victims of the shooting

All of the dead, six women and five men, were in their 50s, 60s and 70s, the coroner’s office said. 

Los Angeles Sheriff Robert Luna said investigators had not yet established why Tran had gunned down the patrons before killing himself as police closed in on him.

Police said they had discovered a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition during a search of his home. They said it appeared he was manufacturing gun silencers.

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Goshen, California – 6 dead 

Six people – including a 17-year-old mother and her ten-month-old son – were killed in a shooting at a home in Goshen, central California, on January 16.

Deputies responded at around 3.30am to reports of multiple shots fired at the residence. 

Officers found Alissa Parraz, 17, dead in a ditch, still cradling her son Nycholas, near the home where four of her family members were killed. Both had been shot in the head as Parraz attempted to flee with her baby. 

Alissa Parraz, 17, Was Found Dead In A Ditch, Still Cradling Her Baby Nycholas, Near The Home Where Four Of Her Family Members Were Also Killed In Goshen On January 16

Alissa Parraz, 17, was found dead in a ditch, still cradling her baby Nycholas, near the home where four of her family members were also killed in Goshen on January 16 

Detectives Say Alissa Was Trying To Flee The Shooters When She Was Chased Down The Street And Shot Repeatedly In The Head, Along With Her Infant Son

Detectives say Alissa was trying to flee the shooters when she was chased down the street and shot repeatedly in the head, along with her infant son

Authorities are searching for at least two suspects in what appeared to be a gang-related murders, sheriff’s officials said. They are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to their arrest.

Tulare County Constable Mike Boudreaux stated the massacre was a deliberate attack on the family. ‘None of this was an accident. It was deliberate, intentional and horrific,’ he said. 

‘These people were clearly shot in the head and they were also shot in places where the shooter would know that a quick death would occur,’ said the sheriff. ‘This is also similar to high-ranking gang affiliation and the style of executions that they commit.’

Tulare County Sheriff Crime Unit Removes The Body Of One Of The Victims At The Scene Where The Six Family Members Were Killed In Goshen On January 16

Tulare County Sheriff crime unit removes the body of one of the victims at the scene where the six family members were killed in Goshen on January 16 

High Point, North Carolina – 5 dead 

Robert K. Crayton, 45, shot his wife Athalia A. Crayton, 46, and his three children before killing himself at their home in High Point, North Carolina on January 7.

Police found the bodies of Crayton, his wife and children – Kasin, 18, Nyla, 16 and Nasir, 10 – at their home after receiving a report of two people running down the street and screaming for help.

‘The man said that it was his father,’ a neighbor said. ‘He woke up, and there was a gun to his head. Somehow he pulled the magazine out of the gun, and they escaped.’ The other survivor was a visitor.

Athalia A. Crayton, 46, Was Killed By Her Husband Before He Turned The Gun On Himself On January 7

Athalia A. Crayton, 46, was killed by her husband before he turned the gun on himself on January 7 

Nyla, 16, And Kasin Crayton, 18, Were Also Shot By Their Father Before He Took His Own Life. Pictured: Nyla, Left, And Kasin, Right

Nyla, 16, and Kasin Crayton, 18, were also shot by their father before he took his own life. Pictured: Nyla, left, and Kasin, right

It remains unclear why the gunman chose to attack his family and authorities said they will likely never find out.

‘We may never know why,’ Lieutenant Patrick Welch said. ‘What goes through the hearts and minds of a person that would do this sometimes dies with them.’

Officers have responded to the family’s High Point about five times since 2014 – with the last stop by occurring on January 3 when police performed an ‘involuntary mental commitment order’.

Enoch City, Utah – 8 dead  

Mike Haight, 42, murdered his wife, Tausha Haight, 40, and their five children, who ranged in age from four to 17, and his mother-in-law Gail Earl on January 4 at their home in Enoch, Utah.

Enoch Mayor Geoffrey Chesnut said last week police were still investigating the killings – while revealing Tausha Haight had filed for divorce from her husband of 20 years on December 21, exactly two weeks before the murders.

Haight’s five children – daughters Macie, Briley, Sienna, and sons Ammon and Gavin – were all discovered by police the morning after the murders with fatal gunshot wounds. 

Mike Haight, 42, Murdered His Wife, Tausha Haight, 40, And Their Five Children, Who Ranged In Age From Four To 17, (Pictured Together) And His Mother-In-Law Gail Earl On January 4 At Their Home In Enoch, Utah

Mike Haight, 42, murdered his wife, Tausha Haight, 40, and their five children, who ranged in age from four to 17, (pictured together) and his mother-in-law Gail Earl on January 4 at their home in Enoch, Utah 

He Also Killed His Mother-In-Law Gail Earl (Left) In The Shooting On January 4 In Enoch, Utah

He also killed his mother-in-law Gail Earl (left) in the shooting on January 4 in Enoch, Utah

Officials From The City Of Enoch Hold A News Conference At City Hall On The Murders On January 5

Authorities from the city of Enoch hold a news conference at city hall on the murders on January 5

Not far from their bodies was Mormon insurance agent Haight, who police think carried out the killing spree before turning the gun on himself. 

It has since emerged Haight removed guns owned by himself and his wife days before the shooting, leaving the family ‘vulnerable’, a relative stated. 

They noted that both Tausha and her mother Gail were trained in weapon security and individual defense.