January 28, 2023

President Joe Biden was called out Wednesday night by one of his fellow Democrats for ordering Maine lobster for tonight’s state dinner with the French president — as he rolled out rules that make it harder for ordinary Americans to get their hands on fancy food.

Democrat Rep. Jared Golden of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District responded to a report that 200 live lobsters had been sent to the White House for Thursday night’s event.

He demanded Biden meet with lobster fishermen to discuss the new fishing rules – which the moderate congressman warned could “go out of business.”

In an extra shot, he also dismissed the event honoring the United States’ oldest ally as just a “fancy dinner.”

Biden hosts his first state dinner as president and welcomes French leader Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte to the White House on Thursday night.

The red, white, and blue theme seems to bring out the best in American cuisine, with wine sourced from California’s Napa Valley and cheeses from Wisconsin and Oregon.

One of the main items of the glamorous dinner is butter-poached Maine lobster – a delicacy in both the US and France, but one that will become much more difficult for ordinary Americans to obtain.

“If the Biden White House can prioritize the purchase of 200 Maine lobsters for a fancy dinner,” Golden said Wednesday night, “he should also take the time to meet with the Maine lobster men who his administration says are currently going out of business.” .’

Among the American-origin delights served on Thursday nights is butter-poached Maine lobster (pictured here during a media preview of the state dinner)

Moderate Democratic Representative Jared Golden called out Biden for serving lobsters at dinner, while at the same time getting his administration to crack down on the fancy food

The new regulations aim to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whales, which sustainability activists say are threatened by lobster fishing.

The rules include fewer fishing lines in the water in general and weaker ropes to reduce the chance of whales getting trapped.

It sparked protests from Maine’s lobster industry, the country’s largest.

In response to a lawsuit by lobstermen challenging the rules, a federal judge delayed its implementation by two years to give the industry more time to prepare.

Lobster eating and fishing has also been declared unsustainable by watchdog groups such as the Marine Stewardship Council and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Golden, a long-time advocate for Maine’s lobster industry, wrote to Biden in October urging him to speak out against the regulatory action by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Golden demanded Biden meet representatives of the lobster fishery, accusing him of “regulating” them “out of business”

He accused Biden of turning his back on the industry, despite criticizing his predecessor, Donald Trump, for mishandling it as well.

“The Maine congressional delegation has repeatedly expressed our concern about these regulations and has requested to meet with you directly to discuss the plight of our lobster industry. It is a pity that you have so far refused to accept our invitation,” Golden wrote.

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“I cannot understand how you can stand idly by and not oppose in the strongest terms a proposal that has the potential to destroy thousands of livelihoods, hundreds of coastal communities and the economic backbone of our state and the New England region.”

He said Biden’s silence as his administration implements further sustainability regulations is a “slap in the face.”

“You can’t stand to be a president for working people and at the same time oversee the destruction of an entire working-class fishery and the community’s heritage and way of life,” Golden said.