January 28, 2023

He said: “In recent months I have studied their increasingly persistent attack on the character of the royal family and the institution of the monarchy with a growing concern for the safety of members of the ‘working royal family’, but also the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.


“I have experience of cases where individuals have committed or attempted to commit violent crimes in support of the cause of another whom they have become enamored and protective of,” he said.

“All we need is for one person to become obsessed with creating a situation where Harry would become the heir to the throne, and we could have a disastrous outcome.”

Franks cited the example of John Hinkley’s attempted assassination of former US President Ronald Reagan, prompted by his belief that his act would impress actress Jodie Foster, whom he was obsessed with.

In the first part of the six-part Netflix series, the Sussexes complain that they weren’t “protected” enough, despite being under 24-hour surveillance during their time in the royal family by taxpayer-funded agents from the SO14 division of the Royal Family. the Metropolitan Police. Bodyguards operate in civilian clothes and are armed with 9mm Glock 17 pistols.

The duke also said members of his family wondered why the duchess needed more protection from the media than their wives, because they didn’t understand the “race element”. He also spoke of his family’s “huge amount of unconscious bias”, which he described as “nobody’s fault”, but essential to “making amends”. “In this family, sometimes you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution,” he added.

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Afua Hirsch, a longtime critic of the monarchy, referred to the Commonwealth as “Empire 2.0” in the program, accusing Britain of having “drawn wealth” from countries that remain poor. Royal sources condemned the comments as “deeply offensive” to Queen Elizabeth II’s estate.

Over the years, royal patronage officers have been involved in several incidents. In January 1994, when Prince Charles was giving a speech in Sydney, a protester rushed onto the stage and fired two single rounds from a starter pistol.

Superintendent Colin Trimming, his senior bodyguard, received a gallantry medal for his cool and quick thinking.

The Sunday Telegraph, London

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