February 1, 2023

Roberta Williams, a Gangland widow, has spoken out about her marriage to Carl Williams, the slain Underworld King. She also spoke out about how it felt to be a part of his death and how it was a ‘clearly a setup’.

The 53-year-old spoke about her life with the notorious drug lord to former prison inmate turned social media star, Spanian, on his podcast, The Search.

Williams felt like royalty after marrying Carl. 

Gangland widow Roberta Williams shared details of her life with former prison inmate turned rapper  and social media star Spanian in an episode of his podcast The Search (pictured)

Roberta (right) was married to slain underworld king and drug lord Carl Williams (left). The 53-year-old said she was treated like royalty and believes his 2010 murder was a set-up 

Williams stated that “Being with Carl was great because you wouldn’t have to line up at nightclubs, you’d get in everywhere, and you’d be treated like royalty.” 

“If anyone dares to touch me or one my children Carl would have turned it all on, fully-on.

“I had a pleasant life. I married a beautiful man. He was a wonderful father to me and I had a beautiful daughter. 

‘He He was the most amazing man you could have ever met. He He was so gentle, kind and loving to me as well as my children. [We] He will be remembered fondly. 

Spanian asked Williams about her fears of living with Carl. As he was well known for being the type of man “that would hide behind a bush, jump out, and shoot you in both the head”, Williams replied.  

Williams claimed that only weak people fear her husband, and that it is weak people who kill him in prison. 

Carl Williams is Australia’s most famous gangster because of his central role in Melbourne’s gangland warfare, which rocked the city in late 1990s and early 2000s. He was the subject of the hit television series Underbelly. 

Carl Williams was currently serving a life sentence at Melbourne’s Barwon Prison for three murders, conspiracy to commit another and was being held there until Matthew Charles Johnson beat him with an exercise bike stem on April 4, 2010.

Carl Williams, who was the last victim of the gangland murders, was found dead in Acacia’s maximum-security Acacia unit at the time. He was discovered 42 minutes later. Roberta Williams claims this is evidence of a set-up’.  

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She said, “It was set up, of course it had been, he was left for 42 mins,” 

“So you have the most prominent prisoner in the country, in the highest security prison of the state [with] 24/7 CCTV cameras.  

‘HeIs it possible to murder someone and leave for only 42 minutes? It’s not rocket science, it’s not rocket science. 

Williams claimed she believed that someone paid her to kill her husband. She also claimed that Carl was once surrounded by police officers who entered his cell and gave him the ‘green signal’ if they paid $20,000 per month.  

The life of a mother-of-4 was filled with crime and drugs. This is a completely different story than the one that Kat Stewart, a Logie-award winner actress, portrays in Underbelly. 

Carl Williams (pictured with Dhakota) was currently serving a life sentence at Melbourne’s Barwon Prison. He had been convicted of three murders and conspiring to commit another. His fellow inmate Matthew Charles Johnson beat him with the stem from an exercise bike.

Roberta claimed that her husband’s murder had been a’set up’. He was found dead inside Maximum Security Prison, which is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

She The show made her look like a psycho and made her hate being portrayed as a mom. 

Williams stated, “If you were to look at my children, you wouldn’t believe they were my children after seeing that show,” 

“I put them through private school, my children work and they’ve never been into trouble. Only my eldest son was in trouble. He is now a drug addict who has gone to rehab and is now trained to help others. 

Williams claimed that Williams’ children have never doubted her love for them, and that she learned to treat them with love after a difficult upbringing. 

Williams stated that her mother attempted to drown her six-year-old daughter in a bathtub and tried again to inject nail polish remover into her eyes. Williams was then abandoned on the streets three years later. 

She said, “The first time that I understood what love was was when he (her son) was in my arms.” 

“I thought that this little boy needs me to love and care for him. I looked at him, and thought “I would kill for you.” 

‘I love and look after my children that’s all that matters to me. I can live my life knowing that they will never doubt who I am.  

Williams said she was a ‘nobody’ even though she was asked for autographs and photos. She also stated that her roles in life were being a mother to her four-year old son with autism and a grandmother to her daughter.  

“I have a boy with autism who is not verbal. HeShe stated that he had a four-year delay in global developmental development.

‘He He is not able to sleep well.

“I also have the most amazing grandson. He is the light in my life. HeHe’s only four years old, and I love him with all of my heart.

The widow was not apologetic when she was asked if she was sorry for her life with Carl Williams. 

“I don’t feel I owe anyone an explanation. That’s the story of my life and I don’t give a f**k,’ Williams said. 

“It would be wrong for me to say sorry if I had been with Carl, and I don’t regret it.” Why the f**k should I be sorry? He was the one I loved with all of my heart.

In August, Roberta Williams was convicted and put on a community correction order for blackmailing television producer Ryan Naumenko and arranging for associates to assault and intimidate him in 2019.

Who was Carl Williams, you ask? 

Because of his central role in Melbourne’s ‘underbelly gangland war’ that shook the city in late 1990s and early 2000s, Carl Williams is Australia’s most famous gangster.

Williams was in Melbourne’s Barwon Prison serving a life sentence for three murders, conspiracy to commit another and was being executed by Matthew Charles Johnson. Johnson beat Williams with an exercise bike piece on April 4, 2010, making him the last victim in the underworld war.


October 13, 1970: Born Carl Anthony Williams in Melbourne (Victoria).

1990: Convicted of possessing stolen property, handling stolen goods and failing to pay bail. Penalty of $400

1993: Convicted of criminal damage, throwing a missile and other charges. Sentenced 150 hours community service.

1994: Convicted for trafficking in a drug that causes dependence. Sentenced for 12 months in jail and six months suspension for two years.

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October 13, 1999 Jason Moran shot Williams in the stomach for $80,000 owed to the Moran crime group. Williams is left bleeding at his Essendon home.

November 25, 1999 Williams was arrested along with George, his father, and an associate. They were charged with drug trafficking following the seizure of $20 million worth of amphetamine pills.

June 15 2000: Jason Moran’s halfbrother Mark Moran is killed outside his home in north-west Melbourne. Williams was accused of murder but the charges were dropped after he pleaded guilty in three other killings.

November 10, 2010 Shotgun blasts have damaged Williams’ Hillside house and Mercedes Benz. Williams later stated that he believed the Morans were responsible.

June 21 2003: Pasquale Barbaro and Jason Moran were watching Moran’s kids play football in a van when they were attacked.

August 18, 2003 A melted wheelie bin reveals the badly burned body of Mark Mallia. He was a close associate with Nik Radev, murdered mob enforcer, and drug dealer.

October 25th 2003 South Yarra: Drug dealer Michael Marshall is killed in front of his son.

31 March 2004 Lewis Moran (the patriarch of the Moran family, and father to Jason Moran) is executed in the Brunswick Club, Melbourne.

June 9 2004: Police detain two gunmen in the vicinity of Mario Condello’s house.

February 6, 2006 Mario Condello was shot to death in his driveway.

July 19, 2006 Williams pleads guilty to Michael Marshall’s murder but is sentenced instead to 27 years without parole, 21 of which are for life. The trial’s outcome is not known until 2007.

May 7, 2007 Williams pleads guilty three times to murder in the deaths of Jason Moran and Mark Mallia, as well as one count of conspiracy for murder Mario Condello. He Two terms of life imprisonment were imposed on him. He also received two 25-year sentences in jail. These sentences must be served concurrently and must not exceed 35 years.

April 4, 2010 Matthew Charles Johnson, 38 year old inmate at Barwon Prison, beat Williams to death. Johnson used an exercise bike stem as a weapon in the attack.

December 8, 2011 Johnson was sentenced to 32 year imprisonment without parole for Williams’ murder. Justice Lex Lasry, Victorian Supreme Court Justice, found Johnson robbed Williams of his assistance to Victoria Police.