February 9, 2023

Free PDF Converters which are there? Since the PDF format is easy to print and suitable for circulation as a contract, many users need to convert PDF to Word, JPG format, this article will focus on 3 conversion tools for you, all of which can be free online Use, does not occupy computer memory.

Convert pdf to word

convert pdf to word is a conversion tool on the AbcdPDF platform, through which you can convert PDF files to Word files, and the saved Word files support free editing. convert pdf to word can achieve an accuracy rate of over 99% when processing files with a relatively simple structure, and can also achieve an accuracy rate of close to 70% when converting extremely complex PDF files, which is better than most PDF to Word converters. .

The reason why AbcdPDF PDF to Word can achieve such accuracy is due to the unique algorithm processing, which involves some particularities of the PDF format.

The following is the definition of each function of PDF by analyzing the tree structure diagram:

1 Pages
2 Contents
3 Resources
4 Pages
5 Contents
6 Resources
7 Pages
8 Contents
9 Resources
10 Pages
11 Image
12 Font
13 Fot
14 Info
15 Catalog

Before the tool converts these objects, it will identify and mark the code blocks of these objects in turn to ensure that the conversion result of each format will not deviate from the frame of the original object. Therefore, the ultra-high accuracy and computing speed of PDF to Word are inseparable from the excellent server core algorithm of the AbcdPDF platform.

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Convert PDF to JPG

Convert PDF to JPG , as the name suggests, converts PDF files into JPG images. JPG is a common image format. Although you can take screenshots to directly capture the required images from PDF, it will inevitably be different from the actual PDF file in terms of clarity, size, and color. For professionals who want to unify the conversion specifications, pdf to jpg is better to use pdf to jpg convert online, which is a good choice without downloading additional plug-ins or cutting it yourself.

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Jpg to pdf convert online

Jpg to pdf convert online is a converter that converts Jpg images to PDF files online. Not only that, in the process of using, users can easily choose the converted page size and picture orientation, and can convert multiple JPG pictures at the same time.

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The effect of opening from PDF after conversion is as follows:

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Free PDF Converters which are there? The above article shared with you the Convert pdf to word, Convert PDF to JPG , J pg to pdf convert online three converters on the AbcdPDF platform, which are very good in conversion effect and ease of use Excellent, and supports permanent free use, it is a PDF converter page that professionals can’t miss.