September 27, 2022

She was once associated with football legend Wayne Rooney nearly five years ago, the day after they reportedly enjoyed a drunken night out together.

But now former party girl Laura Simpson, 34, from Irlam, near Manchester, is engaged to her new beau on a romantic trip to Paris.

Posing in a series of photos with her new bling ring seen, the single mom of one looked over the moon with her gorgeous new emerald ring.

Cheers! Former party girl Laura Simpson, 34, who was once associated with Wayne Rooney, is engaged to her beau during a romantic trip to Paris

Happy couple: Laura Simpson is pictured with her boyfriend during their romantic trip to Paris, where he proposed to her

The 34-year-old office worker shared several snaps of her and her mysterious brunette boyfriend, with the two celebrating the special moment over a glass of bubbly.

Wearing a glamorous baby pink ruffled dress with her sleek frame synchronized with a waistband, Laura paired the look with silver earrings, necklace and her shiny new piece on the ring finger.

Her emerald cut engagement ring has a green center surrounded by white diamonds.

Laura was the sea of ​​speculation in September 2017 when she reportedly chatted and kissed football star Wayne Rooney during a drunken night out.

In a lengthy statement, Wayne’s wife Coleen – who was pregnant at the time – described the situation as “s**t.”

Showing off: Laura, from Irlam, near Manchester, posed her sparkly new ring for her now-fiancé after he proposed to her in Paris

In November of that year, Laura appeared to reject the decision of the mother of four, writing in a now-deleted tweet: “What a bunch of attention-seeking b*******s.”

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She later added, “Very attention seeking if you ask me.”

In April 2018, it was reported that the flamboyant wannabe star has apparently set up her own online business, akin to American infidelity site Ashley Madison.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: ‘Laura knows her involvement with Wayne is something other women would aspire to.

“Women find it exciting to have illicit affairs with married men and many successful rich men enjoy meeting them.”

“She knows she’ll be criticized and called a house-eater, but these guys are going to cheat whether you give them a website to pick it up or not.

“This is just making sure women know they’re married or in a relationship.”

When the scandal broke in September 2017, Laura told MailOnline that she would have slept with Rooney had he not been arrested behind the wheel of her VW Beetle car in the early hours of Friday morning.

Beaming: The 34-year-old single mom of one shared several snaps of her and her mysterious brunette boyfriend, with the two celebrating the special moment over a glass of bubbly

But she insists she’s not a wedding wrecker, saying her meeting with the footballer was “just a little harmless fun.”

Rooney would fight for his marriage after his wife Coleen fled their £6million mansion following a clash over claims he ‘kissed and hugged’ Miss Simpson on a night out before he was arrested.

Mrs. Rooney, 36, who was pregnant with their fourth child, is said to have confronted her husband with his charge of drink-driving and a night out with Miss Simpson, telling him, ‘The world is laughing at me because of you.’

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