October 4, 2022

Business energy meters measure the amount of electricity that a business uses. They work by measuring the amount of electricity that flows through the business’s electrical wiring. The meters can track how much electricity the business uses over time and help businesses save money by detecting areas where they use more electricity than necessary. 

Businesses can also use energy meters to generate reports that show how their electricity usage compares to other businesses. Energy meters can be used to monitor both the electricity usage of individual appliances and the overall electricity usage of a business.

Types of Business Energy Meters

The different business energy meters available are designed to meet customized solutions.

Single Rate Business Energy Meters

A single rate business electricity meter is a device that measures the amount of electricity a business uses and records this data for billing purposes. Businesses typically use this meter with a single tariff or rate for their electricity usage. This single rate meter will record the amount of electricity used during each billing period, and this information will be used to calculate the business’s monthly electricity bill.

Single rate business electricity meters are easy to install and use and can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to monitor their electricity usage. These meters can help businesses identify areas where they may save money on their electricity bills by reducing their energy consumption.

Standard Meter

The standard meter is the most common business energy meter used to measure electricity consumption in commercial and industrial businesses. It is a basic, simple device that is easy to install and use and can be used to measure both single-phase and three-phase electrical circuits. The standard meter will typically have two dials, one for each phase of the circuit, and a pointer that indicates the amount of electricity consumed. The standard meter can be used to measure the consumption of both AC and DC power and is accurate to within 1%.

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Business Smart Meter Rollout

The “business smart meter” rollout is an initiative by the government to install energy meters in all businesses across the country. The objective is to improve efficiency and transparency in the way businesses use energy, as well as to reduce energy consumption overall. This will be achieved by installing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), allowing real-time energy consumption data to be collected and monitored. The AMI will also provide businesses with the ability to manage their energy use more effectively through the use of online tools and apps.

Half-Hourly Meter 

A half-hourly meter reading is a particular type of meter reading that measures your electricity usage in half-hour increments. This important information can help you better understand your electricity usage patterns and make necessary changes to reduce overall energy consumption.

There are some points to remember if you are considering a half-hourly meter reading for your business:

  • You’ll need to have a compatible meter installed. Not all meters are capable of half-hourly readings, so you’ll need to check with your utility company to see if your meter can be upgraded.
  • There may be a charge for the upgrade or the half-hour readings. Ensure to confirm any potential fees before making the switch.
  • Half-hourly meter readings can provide a wealth of data that can be overwhelming. If you’re unsure how to interpret the information, consider working with an energy consultant who can help you understand it. 

Overall, a half-hourly meter reading can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption. By understanding your electricity usage patterns, you can make changes to save money and energy.

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Two-Rate Meters

Two-rate meters have two different prices for electricity, depending on when it’s used. The lower rate applies during the off-peak period – usually at night – while the higher rate is charged during the day.

Some people find that having a two-rate meter can help them save money on their electricity bills. This is because they can use more electricity during the off-peak period when it’s cheaper. If you’re considering getting a two-rate meter, it’s essential to understand how it works and can benefit you.

Three-Rate Meters

Three-rate meters are used to measure the electricity consumption of a household or business. They have three different tariff rates, applied at different times of the day or night. The three tariff rates are usually called “peak,” “off-peak,” and “shoulder.” The peak rate is applied during the daytime when electricity consumption is highest. The off-peak rate is applied at night when electricity consumption is lower. The shoulder rate is applied during evenings and weekends when electricity consumption is usually lower than during the daytime but higher than at night.

Three-rate meters can help you to save money on your electricity bill if you use more electricity during the daytime than at night. This is because you will pay the lower off-peak tariff for the electricity you use at night. Though, if you use more electricity during the daytime than at night, you will pay the higher peak tariff for the electricity you use during the daytime.

If you have a three-rate meter, your electricity supplier will send you a bill showing the electricity you have used at each tariff rate. This can help you to understand how your electricity usage patterns vary throughout the day and week and how this affects the amount of money you pay for your electricity.

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You need to contact your electricity supplier if you want to switch to a three-rate meter. They will guide you on whether a three-rate meter is suitable for your home or business and how to switch to this type of meter.

Get the Best Deal for Your Energy Usage!

When your business needs energy, it is essential to be aware of the different rates and terms available for each type. Businesses can find out which plan is best suited just by making a business energy comparison on their usage data with other companies in similar industries or regions around them.