February 9, 2023

A body language expert has suggested that Meghan and Harry may have practised their ‘swirling’ dance moves ahead of their big day. 

Footage and photographs of the couple’s routine to Land of a Thousand Dances by Wilson Pickett have been released in their new Neflix trailer, teasing the next installment of their series, which is released on December 15th.  

Judi James, a body language expert, said that it doesn’t look like a “off the cuff” dance.

‘She”She is a very elegant bride in a low-cut dress, and she wouldn’t have wanted to be casually thrown around on the dance floor.” If not practiced, it could have been a disaster.

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Meghan and Harry showed off their dance moves to Land of a Thousand Dances, by Wilson Pickett in new photos released in their latest trailer for their Netflix series Harry and Meghan

The fact Harry was cradling Meghan during parts of the dance suggested he was putting on an 'alpha display' with his new bride, James suggests

The fact Harry was cradling Meghan during parts of the dance suggested he was putting on an ‘alpha display’ with his new bride, James suggests

Complicated! The couple had some slick moves during the dance and were clearly focused on having fun and a good time - and may have practised beforehand

Complicated! The couple danced with some skill and had fun.

Judi, who previously spoke out about Harry’s frustration in the first three episodes on their Netflix series, stated that Harry did a lot of complicated moves and Harry gave everything.

She said: ‘He is to put himself in there 200 percent – even when they fall apart. He Is almost dad dancing, with his bum out. 

‘I don’t think Shirley Ballas would allow it on Strictly Come Dancing. But he’s clearly having a lot more fun. He”He has his mouth open singing and laughing.”

She They also said that the dance was ‘crazy fast’ and that they might have had to practice it in order to be able to enjoy it on the big day.

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She “That song is insane fast.” It’s a difficult dance to learn because it is so fast.  

Judi James said rehearsed moves would have allowed for the couple to have spontaneous fun during the dance

Judi James stated that the couple would have been able to have spontaneous fun if they had rehearsed their moves. 

“The fact that they can do steps like this implies that they have had some practice. It was clever because it allowed them enjoy it.

She He added, “There are many moves such as the arms around their backs, which could have been a clumsy catastrophe if not worked out beforehand. 

‘Meghan would need to be confident that their dance wouldn’t cause any problems in that dress. Harry would have been as confident as Meghan – to not ruin their dress and make up.

“Anything could have happened, from her being dropped to the ground to her gown falling off.

“So, the fact that they avoided it and still managed to dance so extravagantly would indicate that they practiced the dance beforehand. 

She was impressed by Harry’s dancing and said he was a ‘totally uninhibited’.’And she said Meghan was ‘joining in really well’ with the couple completely synchronised.

She “Meghan has combined elegance and spontaneity to create elegance,” said the author. She”She’s done it perfectly and is now throwing herself into it.” They are perfectly in tune and synced.

She The couple’s joyous wedding dance was strikingly different to the way they appeared in the documentary. 

Meghan turns to Harry as she asks the name of their wedding song. She initially calls it 'Song of a Thousand Dances' -

Meghan turns to Harry when she asks him the name for their wedding song. She Initial title was “Song of a Thousand Dances”. 

Meghan Markle forgot the name of her first wedding dance song with Harry in new footage released by the couple in their Netflix trailer

In new footage that Harry and Meghan Markle released on Netflix, they forgot the name of Meghan’s first wedding dance song.

She said: ‘I suppose it’s remarkable for a royal wedding how totally uninhibited Harry’s body language is.

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‘It’s as though he’s impressing with an alpha display and dancing as though nobody’s watching. 

“It’s also quite sensual looking with Meghan managing to look elegant while still being fun. 

“They both look so confident in this extrovert-looking performance, with no indication that they are not going for it. 

‘With the sadness and misery described in their documentary it’s good to see there were times when they clearly felt utterly joyous and comfortable in a royal family event.’

The couple shared photos in their Neflix trailer and discussed the dance. 

The footage features Meghan forgetting to name the song she first danced too. 

They then discussed the song and its lyrics in the 38 second clip.  

Watchers will be treated to never-before-seen photos of the couple dancing and the opportunity to share the evening with their friends. 

Viewers are treated to never-seen-before photos of the couple on the dance floor and sharing the evening with friends and family

Viewers will be treated to never-before-seen photos of the couple dancing and the opportunity to share the evening with their friends and family

Meghan said, “I just really wanted to have fun with the music.” 

Harry was then asked: “Even our first dance.” Song of a thousand dancings? I always get things wrong,” before singing a few lyrics such as “Mashed potato, do alligator”.

After that, the trailer plays the first song, Land of a Thousand Dances by Wilson Pickett. It then skips through a plethora of photographs of the dance, including one of the Duchess of Sussex and Elton John, as well as another actor from Suits: Abigail Spencer. 

The Duchess of Sussex danced with A-lister Elton John at her wedding in May 2018

The Duchess Of Sussex danced with Elton John, an A-lister, at her May 2018 wedding

Meghan said, “That was our first dance.” It was so much fun. It was amazing spinning like a whirlwind.

The clip was released amid the chaos surrounding the release of the first three episodes. These were released on Thursday morning at 8am. 

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The series was criticised by the couple for attacking British institutions during their discussions about their experiences, which included racism. 

Harry and Meghan got married in May 2018. They have since stepped back from the royal family

Harry and Meghan were wed in May 2018, Since then, they have stepped away from the royal family

Harry dips Meghan during their first dance as husband and wife at their 2018 wedding

Harry and Meghan dance together during their first dance as husband-wife at their 2018 wedding

Harry and Meghan are told to stay AWAY from King Charles’ coronation 

1670760835 906 Did Meghan and Harry have dance lessons ahead of their



 The Sussexes announced on January 8, 2020 that they would’step back’ as ”senior members” of the royal family and work to become financially self-sufficient’. 

After watching the first three episodes, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess, of Sussex were praised by their fans on Thursday. 

They took to social media to share their love for the behind-the scenes footage and photos that they had never seen before. 

Three more episodes of the documentary series will be released next Thursday. 

This is the first time that the couple has publicly acknowledged the song they chose to dance their first dance.

Initial reports suggested that it was Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Meghan later referred to it as her “happy song” in a 2016 magazine interview.

However, the Finding Freedom biography later contradicted previous reports by claiming that the first dance was to Wilson Pickett’s 1968 song ‘I’m In Love’.

This comes amid a growing row over the Netflix series featuring the couple. Sources say that the Prince of Wales is unlikely to ever reconcile with his brother after his Netflix betrayal.

William is said to be upset about Harry’s disrespect of their grandmother during the Megxit saga.