February 8, 2023

David Walliams was allegedly involved in an “argument” with a first-class airline passenger who tried taking a video of him.

The comedian, 51, had reportedly been spotted in the VIP Emirates First Class bar by fan Jamie McDonald, who was on a Dubai trip.

David was not impressed when Jamie tried to take a sly picture of him. A fan claimed that he ended with an ‘argument with the star.

Unimpressed: David Walliams allegedly became embroiled in an ‘argument’ with a first class airline passenger who tried to take a video of him

TikTok shared footage last month showing David giving Jamie a very stony expression as he secretly recorded the Little Britain actor.

In text printed over the video, Jamie alleged: ‘Just had an argument with David Walliams in the first class lounge because of this video.’

He The star claimed that he was seated in the first class pod of Emirates’ plush first-class plane right next to David. He also shared a video of his leg.

In another caption, Jamie alleged that David had ‘reported’ him, adding: ‘Don’t know if I can fly Emirates again. What a bean.

Spotted: The comedian, 51, had reportedly been seen in the VIP Emirates First Class bar by fan Jamie McDonald, who was on a Dubai trip

A source said that the incident was reported by a source. The Sun that David had been trying to keep a ‘low profile’ and made it clear he ‘wasn’t happy’ about being pictured.

Source said that David wanted to keep his profile low during his trip, but it’s hard to be a star on TV when you’re such a big star.

‘He Although he was seen at the lounge he didn’t make any scene, he made it very clear that he wasn’t happy.

“On the flight, the guy tried sneaking another picture and David was fed up. He Emirates intervened after being told by a member of staff.

MailOnline reached out directly to David’s representatives and Emirates to get their comments.

It happens after David appears to have reunited with Matt Lucas, his former co-star, for a mystery “writing” project.

David and Matt (48-year-old comedian) took to Instagram to share a photo of them sitting together at their laptops on Thursday. 

David wore a black hooded jumper and Matt kept it casual in a red jumper, while David looked more laid back in a black jumper. They were both busy working on their computers.

Reunited: It comes after David has seemingly reunited with his former co-star Matt Lucas for a mystery ‘writing’ project 

Matt teased that he could work with David again by captioning the post with: ‘Writing. 

The comedy duo worked together on many series, including Come Fly With Me and Little Britain.

Their relationship was strained during a feud that lasted between 2011 and 2018. They were never seen together in public.

Matt’s 2018 autobiography revealed how tensions simmered between them during their 2005 Little Britain Live tour. It led to a spectacular backstage fight. 

Sketches: The comedy duo worked together for years on series including Come Fly With Me, Little Britain and its spin-offs and reunited this year for a Red Nose Day sketch

The pair reconciled and were reunited on screen in recent years. Red The Nose Day sketch was done earlier in the year. Now, they seem to be working together again.

It comes after Matt revealed he has quit his role as presenter of The Great British Bake Off after three series earlier this week.

He Since 2020, he has co-hosted Channel 4’s show with Noel Fielding. However, he has decided to step down due to his heavy workload.

He took to social media and wrote: “Farewell Bake Off!” It was a wonderful experience, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my summers.

“But it’s become obvious to me that I cannot present both Fantasy Football League as well as Bake Off alongside all of my other projects.

“So, after three series of 51 episodes, I am now cheerfully passing the baguette to another person.

‘I would like my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Love Productions, Channel 4 and Noelipops, Paul, Dame Prue and the crew for welcoming us into the tent.

“I wish the best for whoever takes over and I can’t WAIT to tune in to the next series without knowing who won!”

Matt replaced Sandi Toksvig as a comedian on series 11.

‘Farewell’: Taking to social media, he wrote: ‘Farewell Bake Off! It was a great experience and I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable way to spend my summers.

Elsewhere, David was recently reported to have quit Britain’s Got Talent ahead of its 2023 series.

His future on BGT remains in doubt after he described an elderly contestant as a ‘c***’ and made vile sexual remarks about a woman who was also competing on the show. 

These comments were made during auditions at London Palladium in January 2020 and were captured on the microphones of the programme. They were then revealed last month.

Both the production company Thames and broadcaster ITV were left in dismay at his return for the 2023 series. 

An older performer engaged with the judges during the audition and made a joke about David. After the audition, the pensioner left, at which point David is said to have called him a ‘c***’ three times.

In another instance, after a female contestant auditioning on the same show had walked off stage, he remarked: ‘She’s like the slightly boring girl you meet in the pub that thinks you want to f*** them, but you don’t… It’s the last thing on your mind, but she’s like, “Yep, I bet you do!” ’

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David, who along with his fellow judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon was in talks about returning for a tenth series, is ‘under the microscope’, with some senior staff saying he should be instantly axed.

Leaving: He He has been co-hosting the Channel 4 show with Noel Fielding from 2020 to now, but has now resigned due to his heavy workload. 

Simon and Amanda were both affected by the scandal surrounding David’s offensive comments about Britain’s Got Talent contestants.

Despite the backlash Amanda proudly declared herself to be ‘team David’ this week, and publicly supported her co-star.

Amanda spoke out about Britain’s Got Talent’s future and said that she would love to see the judging panels look like they did before. I think we are a great team, we are a family.

When asked directly if she was a member of ‘Team David,’ she replied: “Of course, I am team David.”

Future in doubt: Elsewhere, David was recently reported to have quit Britain’s Got Talent ahead of its 2023 series

Simon, 63, was not as forthcoming when asked about his fellow judge during an interview with The Daily Star.

Simon was asked about David’s conduct and he replied: ‘Can’t we go there? If you don’t mind.’

David was asked cryptically if he would be on the 2023 BGT panel.

He also insisted the judges weren’t the key to the success of the show, musing: ‘I think for me, the most important thing – and I had this conversation the other day. It’s always about talent.

He said, “If you don’t have great talent you don’t have a show.” “That’s all that I care about.

Alesha Dixon, Britain’s Got Talent’s remaining judge, has yet not commented on the news.

Weighing in: Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell weighed into the scandal surrounding David after offensive remarks he made about Britain’s Got Talent contestants were leaked