February 5, 2023

The life of a budding fitness influencer has turned from inspiration to tragedy after a catastrophic accident at the gym.

Daniel Hardman, 30, was left in critical condition after being crushed by a heavy barbell at a Brisbane gym during a morning workout on November 17 and suffered life-changing spinal injuries as a result.

It can now be revealed that Mr. Hardman was relatively new to a fitness-oriented lifestyle and had been posting inspiring videos documenting how he dropped from 250lbs to a lean, muscular physique over a period of 19 months.

Mr Hardman (pictured) was exercising early in the morning in a Brisbane city center gym when a heavy barbell fell on him

Daniel Hardman Launched Into A Health And Fitness Oriented Lifestyle When He Suffered A Tragic Accident

Daniel Hardman launched into a health and fitness oriented lifestyle when he suffered a tragic accident

In a Youtube video, he posted photos of himself looking progressively thinner and more toned with the caption: “Amazing 40 second weight loss journey.”

“I’m not perfect, but now I choose to live my uncomfortable life in order to achieve my goals,” Hardman wrote.

On YouTube and Facebook he posted many other photos and videos of himself working out, often accompanied by inspirational messages.

‘Your biggest enemy in life is you. Once you beat that enemy, you can beat anything,” Hardman says to the camera in one of the videos of him.

In another post he writes that ‘the first step is that you have to say you can’.

Mr. Hardman started an Instagram channel in August and on Facebook asked people to follow him so he could “start creating serious fitness and nutrition content.”

Because Snap Fitness (Pictured) Was Unstaffed When Mr. Hardman Had His Accident, Other Gym Attendees Had To Give Him Cpr To Stay Alive Until The Ambulance Arrived.

Because Snap Fitness (pictured) was unstaffed when Mr. Hardman had his accident, other gym attendees had to give him CPR to stay alive until the ambulance arrived.

Mr. Hardman suffered catastrophic injuries in November when, after completing a series of incline presses on a Smith machine, he was crushed by the falling barbell at 5:47 am at Snap Fitness in suburban Spring Hill, in the Brisbane hinterland.

With no staff present, fellow gym members had to perform CPR on Mr. Hardman to keep him alive until paramedics arrived 40 minutes later and took him to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

He remains in the hospital two months after the incident.

An investigation by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland found that there were no wrongdoings by the gym.