February 5, 2023

By now, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know how essential those black-and-white QR Codes are! According to a report, 18.8% of American and British consumers noticed an increase in the use of QR codes since pandemic-related shelter-in-place orders began in March 2020.  

However, QR code designs have now evolved from traditional black and white squares to customizable QR codes with color scheme and shape that matches your brand campaign and style. “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” – Rupert Murdoch.

Top 5 Benefits Of QR Codes

Nowadays, built-in QR code scanners in smartphones have made life much easier. If you want to view the information stored in these 2D barcodes, you simply need to scan to save and bookmark all relevant content provided. It’s even easier than clicking a picture! 

Here are the top 5 benefits Of QR codes:

  • Faster and convenient
  • A way to access unlimited information
  • It can’t be hacked because of its unique pattern
  • A reliable method for money transaction
  • You can measure their effectiveness using an analytics tool

Can You Create A QR Code With Unique Shape?

Recently, brands have begun to catch onto the trend of experimenting with numerous uniquely shaped QR Codes to increase their brand awareness by at least 50%.

With the help of a QR Code generator like QRCodeChimp, you can seamlessly create QR codes in various shapes per your campaign requirements. 

Using this excellent QR code maker, you can generate QR codes in many different shapes; by this, we don’t mean regular circles and squares, instead, we offer custom shapes ranging from animals, food, vehicles, etc. Besides, it also allows you to adjust the thickness of your QR code’s border. 

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Advantages Of Custom QR Code Shapes 

  • Matches Your Brand’s Product

You can keep your brand’s design aesthetic by using custom QR Code shapes.

A QR code generator creates QR Codes in custom shapes and assists your designer in choosing marketing materials that adhere to your brand’s design guidelines.

A custom-shaped QR Code can match the design of posters, flyers, or packaging that a regular, square-shaped QR Code cannot. For example, If you own a dress boutique, you can create a dress-shaped QR code to increase brand awareness. A consistent brand representation can increase revenue by 33%! 

  • Set Yourself Apart From Others 

Visuals and colors look more appealing to the human eye, and humans tend to remember colored images more than old black and white. So, use the same strategy with your QR code design to help your brand design stand out from your competitors.

You can differentiate yourself from other brands by creating custom-shaped QR Codes more appealing to your customers.

This can significantly affect any marketing campaign, whether with a QR Code on your website or a product label. For example, using different QR Code shapes on posters and other promotional materials can draw customers’ attention and help them remember your brand.  

How To Make Custom-Shaped QR Codes To Perfection?

If you want to increase your QR Code’s functionality, generating a dynamic QR code is recommended, as their information is editable; no matter how many times you want to, you can update it on the go. 

For example, do you want to change the destination of your code to avoid error 404? No worries! – all you need is to redirect your existing code to a new destination without any need to deploy and regenerate a new QR code. 

  • Make Sure To Select the Appropriate Size 

In 2022, an ideal size for a QR code should be 2 cm x 2 cm to be rendered scannable by smartphones. 

Since there is no set size, you can also use this rule to decide the size of your QR code:

QR Code size = Scanning distance/10

(The length between your smartphone and the QR Code is called scanning distance)

  • Add An Actionable CTA  

An appealing CTA in the frame text prompts the user to scan and access the information in the QR code. For example, suppose you have added a step-by-step recipe to your Noodle’s poster advertisement; you can write ‘Scan To Watch A Tutorial’ to increase your scan rates.  

  • Print Your QR Code In A Proper Format

It is crucial to ensure your QR code is not pixelated once you print it.

For small-sized print media such as business cards or newspapers, we recommend printing in PNG format.

However, formats such as SVG, EPS, and PDF are recommended for large-scale print media, such as billboards. 

How To Make Custom QR Code On QRCodeChimp? 

  • Visit QRCodeChimp.com 
  • Select your campaign eg: V cards or QR code for Google forms.
  • Add Your URL in the link box and make sure to click the dynamic QR code option.
  • Decorate your QR Code using our stickers, colors, and templates. 
  • Save and Print your custom-shaped QR code.

Final Takeaway

According to a report, the number of users scanning QR Codes will increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million by 2025. If you are still reading? Congratulations, you are ready to take the next step to create custom-shaped QR codes for your brand.