February 8, 2023

Covid laboratory leakage fears deepen: Bombshell Government report states NIH stopped working to keep tabs on Wuhan laboratory where United States taxpayer-funded grants were utilized for coronavirus research study years before pandemic

The NIH was blasted today by an official watchdog for failing to keep tabs on US-sponsored virus experiments in China feared to have caused the Covid crisis.

A report by the US Office of Inspector General found the country’s medical research agency did not properly review whether the tests in Wuhan involved pathogens with pandemic potential.

The federal audit looked specifically at three taxpayer-funded research grants awarded to the now-notorious EcoHealth Alliance, run by British scientist Peter Daszak, between 2014 and 2021.

It found the National Institutes of Health (NIH) failed to ‘effectively monitor or take timely action to address EcoHealth’s compliance’ with federal laws.

The NIH and EcoHealth also failed to ‘understand the nature of the research conducted, identify potential problem areas, and take corrective action,’ the audit added.

Virologist Shi Zheng-li – nicknamed the ‘Bat Lady’ – is pictured in the lab. She hunted down dozens of deadly Covid-like viruses in bat caves and studied them at the WIV

Pictured: The Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Where Crucial Data Was Wiped By Chinese Scientists

Pictured: The Wuhan Institute of Virology, where crucial data was wiped by Chinese scientists

Tests involving enhanced viruses that have been engineered to be more infectious or deadly – known as ‘gain of function’ – are banned in the US, but grants were funneled to the notorious Wuhan Institute of Virology using EcoHealth. 

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Justin Goodman, from the White Coat Waste Project group, said: ‘This audit confirms what we have been documenting since early 2020 when we first exposed NIH’s funding of the Wuhan lab: EcoHealth Alliance shipped tax dollars to Wuhan for dangerous animal experiments that probably caused the pandemic, violated federal laws and policies and wasted tax dollars. 

‘Yet, the Wuhan lab remains eligible for even more taxpayer money for animal tests and just since the pandemic began, EcoHealth has raked in at least $46 million in new federal funds from the DOD, USAID, NIH, and NSF. 

‘As the group that first exposed and ended EcoHealth’s calamitous collaboration with the Wuhan animal lab, we’re calling on Congress to defund these rogue organizations once and for all. 

‘Taxpayers should not be forced to bankroll reckless white coats who waste money, break the law and place public health in peril. Stop the money, stop the madness.’