February 1, 2023

The centenarian who is able to walk the walk! Connecticut woman, 100, who doesn’t take any medication or follow a strict diet says her secret to staying young is getting 10k steps a day — as she stuns locals after completing 5k road race

  • Mic Roberts finished the race with her son-in-law and daughter-in law in 90 minutes
  • The 100-year-old is an avid walker and has never taken medication or lost weight.
  • She The same 5k was completed in under an hour by her when she turned 99.


Marion ‘Mickie’ Roberts of Connecticut, a centenarian who doesn’t diet or take medications, attributes her vitality and youthfulness to her love for walking. 

The brave Ms Roberts finished her second 5k race on the road recently. This was a stunning feat for locals, who wanted to know her secrets to staying so spry. 

Mic Roberts : ‘I just live day to day… And if someone says, ‘Let’s do something,’ I say, ‘Sure.’’

At 100, Ms Roberts, wearing her pearls, completed the Haddam Neck Fair 5K in about 90 minutes alongside her son, Chuck Roberts, and daughter-in-law, Donna Roberts, while listening to some Frank Sinatra. 

She The same race of 3.1 miles was completed in 56 minutes last year. 

Ms. Roberts won the 80-plus age category and was awarded a gold medal by the organizers. Her fellow runners cheered. 

Mic Roberts, her son-in-law and daughter-in law, completed the 5k (roughly 3.1 miles) in just over 90 minutes. She The winner of the senior 80+ age group received a medal, cheers and a hearty congratulations. 

Ms Roberts does not take prescription medications, nor does she follow a diet. She is an avid walker and covers a lot of ground each day, between two and three miles.

Ms. Roberts is not a patient of prescription medication and does not follow a diet. She She is an avid walker, covering between two to three miles every day. 

Ms Roberts said she doesn't 'like sitting around' and instead walks laps around her senior center and on a nearby trail. She walks around two to three miles everyday.

Ms Roberts explained that she doesn’t like to sit down, and instead walks laps around her senior centre and along a nearby trail. She Every day, walk around 2 to 3 miles. 

Don’t let Ms Roberts’ age fool your. Ms. Roberts was the one who led her younger relatives across the finish line. 

Donna Roberts, her step-daughter-in-law, stated:She’s leading the way here.’

‘She’s 40 years older than I am and she doesn’t slow down… She We follow her lead, she sets the pace. 

Ms Roberts stated that she didn’t expect the crowd to greet her at the finish line. I just thought I’d do it and come at the tail end and go home.’ 

Her goal of crossing the finish line was not impossible. Ms. Roberts walks two- to three miles each morning around a nearby trail, and her senior living facility. 

Ms Roberts said: ‘It doesn’t take very long. I just like to get out in the air and move, I don’t like sitting around.’

Her Other hobbies include bridge and playing bocce at her senior housing facility. 

Ms. Roberts is an active person. She In her youth, she taught dance classes and played golf until a shoulder injury at the age of 80 prevented her from continuing. 

She Her fair share of tragedies has been hers. Her Her husband, whom they met while she was teaching dance, passed away in 1999. Two of her three children also died. She In 2020, she broke her pelvis and was later diagnosed as having Covid. She persevered.

Donna Roberts said this about her mother-in law:She Take one tablet per day She’s completely healthy. It’s her attitude. She’s overcome a lot of obstacles and kept going.’

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