September 29, 2022

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Buckingham Palace released details on Thursday about the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8. World leaders will attend a state funeral along with the British royal family, politicians, members of the military and others on Monday for a private funeral at Windsor Castle. Below you can read what is expected that day.

Presidents, prime ministers and royalty from around the world will gather on Monday for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who was Queen of Great Britain for 70 years. She will be buried later in the day in a chapel in Windsor Castle next to her husband Prince Philip, ending 10 days of national mourning.

The Queen’s casket was returned to London on Wednesday, where she died in Balmoral, Scotland, and has been lying in state in Westminster Hall ever since, with tens of thousands of people waiting patiently in line before passing by to pay their last respects to the longest-reigning frost.

Two minutes of silence will be observed across the UK at the end of her funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday.


  • The Queen’s lieutenant in Westminster Hall ends Monday at 6:30 a.m. local time (0530 GMT).
  • Shortly after 10:35 a.m., a bearer carrier will lift the coffin from the catafalque and carry it to the Royal Navy gun carriage. The carriage was used before for the funerals of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI, Winston Churchill and Lord Louis Mountbatten.
  • Pulled by 142 members of the Royal Navy, the gun carriage departs Parliament Square at 10:44 AM along a route lined by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.
  • The procession is led by Scottish and Irish regiments, the Gurkhas Brigade and the Royal Air Force. The gun mount will be flanked by detachments of the His Majesty’s Body Guards of the Honorable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, the Yeomen of the Guard and the Royal Company of Archers – all bodyguards for the British monarch.
  • The king and members of the royal family follow behind the coffin.
  • The procession will arrive at the West Gate of Westminster Abbey at 10:52 AM.
  • Heads of state and representatives of foreign governments, including foreign royal families and prime ministers of the Empire, will gather at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea and travel together to Westminster Abbey.
  • The congregation will be made up of representatives from the wealthy, Commonwealth, Parliament, Her Majesty’s patronages, plus the law, emergency services and others.
  • The state funeral will begin at 11 a.m., led by the Dean of Westminster.
  • Prime Minister Liz Truss and Secretary General of the Commonwealth will read lectures.
  • The sermon will be delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will also deliver the praise, while the Dean of Westminster will give the blessing.
  • The service will end at approximately 11.55am, followed by a two-minute silence which will be observed across the UK.
  • Reveille, the national anthem and a lament played by the Queen’s Piper will bring the state funeral to an end at approximately noon.
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Procession to Wellington Arch

  • The bearer company will return the coffin to the gun carriage, which will be followed by the royal family.
  • At 12:15 PM, a procession including King Charles III, Commonwealth representatives, Canadian police, health workers and others will depart for Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner.
  • Cannons are fired every minute from the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, in Hyde Park.
  • Big Ben will be tolled during the procession, arriving at Wellington Arch at 1pm.
  • The carrier will place the coffin in the hearse to travel to Windsor. As the hearse departs, the parade will bring a royal salute and the national anthem will be played.
  • The Royal Family will travel to Windsor by car.

Funeral in Windsor

  • A procession departs Windsor at 3:10 PM. At 3:40 PM, the king and other members of the royal family will join the event.
  • The route will be lined by the armed forces and cannons are fired every minute. Both Sevastopol Bell and the curfew tower clock will be charged.
  • The procession stops at the foot of the west steps of St. George’s Chapel at 3:53 PM.
  • The dedication service begins at 4:00 PM, led by the Dean of Windsor.
  • Before the last hymn, Imperial State Crownthe Orb and the Scepter will be taken out of the coffin and placed on the altar.
  • The King places the Queen’s Company Camp Color of the Grenadier Guards on the box.
  • Former MI5 spy chief Baron Parker, the Lord Chamberlain and the highest official of the late Queen’s royal household, will “break” his wand and lay it on the coffin, symbolizing the end of his service to the Queen.
  • While the coffin is being lowered into the royal vault, the Dean of Windsor will read a psalm. The Garter King of Arms will pronounce the styles and titles of the queen.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury will pronounce the blessing, followed by the chanting of “God Save The King”.
  • The funeral will be held privately at 7:30 PM and will be attended by the family. The Queen will be buried with her husband, Prince Philip, in the King George VI Memorial Chapel.
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