February 8, 2023

Prince Harry seemed to be ‘jarred” by Meghan’s mock curtsey, and went into ‘freeze mode’ like Royals do when someone oversteps their mark’, according to a body language expert today.

The bow of the Duchess – which some have criticized as making fun at the Queen and tradition- has been a popular part of the Netflix series.

Judi James, a body analysis expert, says that the section is just as awkward for Harry on screen as it is for her.

She MailOnline: “In a documentary full o the pain, anguish, and open signals of stress prompted her experiences in the UK this moment of “comedy” from Meghan jars in terms that it implies fun or mockery “behind closed door”.

Judi Jamessuspects Harry is jarred by Meghan’s big bow

Meghan seems to perform a deeply exaggerated curtsey recounting what it was like when she first met the Queen, while her husband Harry watches on

While Harry watches, Meghan seems to be performing a highly exaggerated curtsey about what it was like when first meeting the Queen.

Harry suddenly and dramatically loses touch with the woman that he used to gaze at with complete and unconditional adoration.

‘As Meghan performs her mock bow Harry’s body language goes into freeze mode. His facial expression changes into a poker face when he crosses the line. This is a royal tradition.

“It is the fact that he does not do anything other than watch that is amazing. If one of the couple attempts to crack a joke, the other will often laugh loudly to support. Harry compliments Meghan on this joke, but Meghan doesn’t do it often.

‘Meghan’s comedy pause lasted eight seconds, but Harry only managed a small, hilarious laugh when she rose again.

Darren McGrady, a chef to the late Queen, Diana, Princes William and Harry for fifteen years, took exception to a number of points in the show

Darren McGrady (15 years chef to the Queen, Diana and Princes William), took exception to a number points in the show.

‘He He then drops his head in an act of defiance to partially hide his face, and to seem to signal his desire to move forward.

The analysis comes next Princess DianaThis morning, Meghan was criticized by her personal chef for the curtsey.

Darren McGrady, who for fifteen years cooked for the Queen, Diana, William, and Harry, took exception to a few points in the show.

After The Duke of SussexMcGrady dismissed the claim of ‘his wife was like his late mother. I was 15 years old when Princess Diana lived with me. Not even close.’

But it was Meghan’s ostentatious bow that seemed to upset him most – as it did many others – and he highlighted Harry’s demeanor in the clip, adding: ‘The look on his face when his wife laughs about having to curtsey to The Queen says everything for me.’

Mr McGrady added: ‘I’ve known Harry since I held him as a baby while Princess Diana was eating cereals in the kitchen at Windsor Castle.

Meghan recounts the moment she was introduced to the Queen while husband Harry looks on as part of the couple's new Netflix docu-series

Meghan recounts the moment she was presented to the Queen, while Harry watches. This is part of their new Netflix docu-series.

Meghan compared the 'surreal' encounter with the late Queen to a night out at American themed-dinner institution Medieval Times

Meghan compared Meghan’s’surreal encounter’ with the Queen to a night at American themed-dinner institution Medieval Times

1670608997 975 Harry makes poker face at Meghan mocking the Queen says

1670608997 172 Harry makes poker face at Meghan mocking the Queen says

1670608998 836 Harry makes poker face at Meghan mocking the Queen says

Social media users hit out at the idea Meghan did not know how to do a curtsey and the 'mock' one she performed

Social media users were furious at Meghan’s inability to do a curtsey, or the’mock’ one.

“Prince Harry,” with respect sir. Your mother will never be like your wife. I was 15 years in the know of Princess Diana. Not even close.’

He Meghan said:She CHOSE to marry into The Royal Family She had a choice.’

Many on social media echoed his views, believing it to be disrespectful.

One added: “The Princess Of Wales also had to learn many new things when she joined this family. However, she was not disrespectful of the occasion and made fun of it when she had curtsey to. Her Majesty.

‘Her Royal Highness was always kind to the woman who gave her entire life to the crown.

Tory MP Mark Jenkinson fumed: ‘The ultimate betrayal. And he just watches and waits.

Gyles Brandreth, Royal author, called the demonstrations of the curtsey “mocking” and “embarrassing”.

Vanessa Feltz, a journalist and broadcaster, told the writer: ‘Nobody kisses the Queen like that. And nobody would have advised her to do so.

‘It’s embarrassing, because it is mocking – and nobody curtsies to the Queen like that, and nobody would have advised her to do it that way.’

Fergie gives a curtsey to the Queen as she joins Andrew and their daughters Eugenie and Beatrice at Ascot

As Fergie joins Andrew and their daughters Eugenie, Beatrice and Beatrice at Ascot, she gives a curtsey.

The Duchess of Sussex talks about her first festive season with the Royal Family in her and Prince Harry's new documentary

The Duchess Of Sussex discusses her first festive season with Prince Harry in their new documentary

He added: ‘He [Harry] would know that the bow, as it were, is a brief nod and the curtsey is to show respect for the sovereign, and in the case of the Queen – a lady in her 90s who actually had earned respect through a lifetime of service, and that was it.

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Although it is not easy to do, it is culturally different. It’s similar to a curtsey you would do if you were Snow White.

Meghan’s account about her first bow Her Majesty also Different from her previous recollection The day.

In 2021 she said in the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview she ‘didn’t even know how to curtsey’ and was shocked when Harry explained it was expected of her.

‘Right infront of the house, we practiced and ran into. Fergie ran outside and asked, “Does Fergie know how to curtsey?”She recalled.

“It seems that I did a deep curtsey. I don’t remember it. After that, we sat and chatted.

Meghan met the Queen at the Royal Lodge in Windsor shortly after she and the Duke had revealed their relationship in 2016. 

But she said that the whole occasion was important. It felt like an antiquated banquet at Medieval Times in the US, which featured staged medieval-style games and sword-fighting. 

After Prince Harry and Meghan announced their relationship, the Queen was the first senior member the Royal Family that Meghan met. 

‘She Harry said that he had no idea what it was all about. He sat with his arm around his wife. It was quite a shock for her.

Meghan grinned and added, “I mean. it’s surreal. It wasn’t like the big moment of ‘Now, you’re gonna see my grandmother’.

‘I didn’t know I was going meet her until moments ago. We were driving to the Royal Lodge for lunch and were in the car. [Harry] She was like, “Oh, my grandmother, she’s gonna be there afterwards church.”

“I recall we were in a car, driving and I remember him.” [Harry] Like, “You know how curtsey?” It was a joke, I thought.

The Duke continued: “How do people explain that to you?” How do you explain that your grandmother bows to you? That you would need curtsey to an American, in particular, is what you would need. That’s weird.’

Meghan tells the documentary that she is beginning to understand this is a big deal. Americans will get this. We have a Medieval Times dinner, and a tournament. It was like that. It was like I curtsied like I was… It was a pleasure to meet you, your Majesty.

“It was so intense. Eugenie, Jack and Fergie then said “you did great!” when she left. Thanks. I didn’t know what was happening.

Yesterday’s Netflix documentary featuring Meghan and Harry was released. With an attack on Buckingham Palace’s refusal to cooperate with the series that declares war on the Royal Family.

The highly-anticipated series will be available in two parts. The first three episodes are now available to stream.

The series features tears from Meghan who Harry often compares with Princess Diana, claiming that his mother was being hunted by journalists. 

There are also jibes directed at his father, King Charles and brother Prince William, as well as a discussion about alleged racism within the Royal Family.

'It was nothing like the Princess Diaries' - Meghan said she received no training unlike Anne Hathaway's character in the 2001 film (pictured)

“It wasn’t like the Princess Diaries” – Meghan claimed she didn’t receive any training similar to Anne Hathaway’s character from 2001’s film (pictured).

Dame Julie Andrews, who played the Queen regent of Genovia (pictured) gave Hathaway's character guidance on royal protocol. The clip was shared in Harry & Meghan on Netflix

Dame Julie Andrews (pictured), who played the Queen regent Genovia, gave Hathaway’s character guidance about royal protocol. The clip was shared in Harry & Meghan on Netflix

In the second episode Meghan talks about the formality of the royals behind closed-doors, and says that she was surprised by it.

She added, “I was always a hugger and I didn’t realize that that is really jarring to a lot of Brits.”

“I guess I realized very quickly that the formality of the outside was carried on to the inside. 

“There is a forward-facing way to be. Then you close the door, and you feel like (sighs), “Oh great.” We can now relax. But that formality continues on both sides. This was a surprise to me.

The Duchess of Cambridge admitted that her joining the Royal Family was not like The Princess Diaries, as she claimed she didn’t receive any training in royal protocol. 

Meghan spoke of her struggle to adapt to life as an ordinary royal, referring to the 2001 comedy “Coming-of-age” about an American high-school student who discovers she is heir the Genovia throne.

Based on Meg Cabot’s 2000 novel, the Disney film made around $165million worldwide.

Meghan stated that she knew there was a protocol when she joined this family during the third episode. Do you recall the old movie Princess Diaries starring Anne Hathaway? 

The episode featured a clip of the film in which Hathaway (as Mia Thermopolis), discovers her ancestry. She exclaims, “Me a princess!” Shut up.

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Dame Julie Andrews plays her grandmother, Queen regent of Genovia. She promises to help her adjust to royal life.  

She She tells her, “I can teach you how to walk, talk and stand, eat, and dress like a princess.”

Meghan stated that her arrival to the British Royal Family was a great experience. It doesn’t happen.

“So I had to learn much, including the national song.”

Meghan answered, “Oh, I Googled it.” I Googled it and then I would sit there and practice and practise and practice.

Later, the 41 year-old described her first amazing’ Christmas at Sandringham where she sat beside the late Duke of EdinburghPrince Philip.   

Happy couple: Prince Harry pictured with Meghan in 2017. The pair have today released the first three episodes of their six-part docu-series on Netflix

Happy couple: Prince Harry and Meghan pictured in 2017. Today, the couple released the first three episodes from their six-part docu-series.

Meghan, Prince Harry and Prince Philip at the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham, Norfolk, in 2017

Prince Philip, Prince Harry, and Meghan at the Christmas Day Church Service at Sandringham in Norfolk, 2017

Meghan’s mother, Meghan, says her daughter’s relationship to Prince Harry was ‘challenging’. She speaks out in Netflix’s first series  

The mother of the Duchess has spoken out for first time about her daughter’s relationship with the Duke. She said that the past five year have been ‘challenging.

Doria Ragland, who made an appearance in the second episode of Harry & Meghan, a six-part docuseries which dropped on Netflix on Thursday morning, recalled the moment she heard the couple were dating.

She “The last five years have been difficult.” I’m ready to make my voice heard, that is for sure. A little bit from my experience as her mom.

Ms Ragland was asked if she can recall the first time she heard about the relationship.

“I began whispering “oh my God !’.’”

Meghan told her mother that she needed to keep their relationship a secret during that first phone call. Ms Ragland continued: “I also remember when I first met Harry (Harry), a 6’1 handsome, red-haired man with great manners.

“It was just really lovely and they looked really happy together. It seemed kinda like a novelty once it was announced that they were married.

She She went on to say that Meghan was a mature and empathic child, and that the Duchess viewed her as a controlling older sister rather than a mom.

The episode featured old footage and photos of Meghan as an infant.

Ms Ragland stated that paparazzi would take photos of poor neighborhoods in Los Angeles to claim that this was where Meghan grew.

She According to the Netflix documentary, ‘They would take pictures in different parts of Skid Row and say that is where my family lived. That is where she was from.

Recalling her first Christmas in SandringhamMeghan stated that she found it amazing because she was ‘with big family like I always wanted’. 

Meghan said, “I vividly remember the first Christmas at Sandringham.” “Calling my mom, she’s like “How’s that going?” It’s incredible. It’s like a big, loving family like I had always hoped for.” 

She also recalled a lighter moment with Prince Philip. 

She said, “There was just this constant motion, energy, and fun.” [Harry] He was like, “You had his bad ears, he couldn’t hear what you were saying” and I was like, “Oh… Well I thought it went really well.”

During the first days of their relationship, Prince Harry said that the Royal Family was ‘incredibly impressed’ by Meghan.

The Duke also stated that his family believed the relationship with the Suits actress would not last.   

“I remember my family meeting her first and being incredibly impressed. Some of them didn’t know where to start. They were astonished that the ginger could find such a beautiful woman. And she is a very intelligent woman. 

“But the fact that I was dating an American actress was probably what clouded their judgement more than anything else in this beginning: “Oh, her’s an American actress, it won’t last.”

Meghan said that the actress problem was the most difficult. It’s easy for them to typecast a general idea of what it looks like from the UK perspective – Hollywood.

The Duchess of Sussex also said in the third episode that she didn’t know what a Royal Walkabout was – where royals meet members who have gathered on streets – before she went on her first one.

“I have never seen pictures or videos of a walkabout.” She asked, “What’s a walkabout?” She replied.

Harry explained, ‘I could talk her though as much as she knew from my personal experience of what I’d witnessed. The style was the piece I didn’t really understand.

Meghan also mentioned that her zip had broken on her outfit before she went on her first walkabout in Nottingham. Harry replied, “The whole thing was just absurd.”

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The duke recalled that “Everybody was just so thrilled, pleased and happy.” And I believe people looked at it, and thought, “Wow! What a breath of fresh oxygen!” 

The Duchess of Sussex’s mother spoke out about her daughter’s relationship and Prince Harry’s past five-years, saying that it has been ‘challenging. 

Doria Ragland recalls the moment she heard that the couple were in love. She “The last five years have been difficult.” I’m ready to make my voice heard, that is for sure. Here is a little of my experience as her mom. 

The first volume of the six-part docuseries dropped on the streaming service today, with three explosive episodes available so far

Today’s streaming service has the first volume of the six-part docuseries. There are three episodes left.

This image released by Netflix shows promotional art for the documentary Harry & Meghan

This image released by Netflix shows promotional art for the documentary Harry & Meghan

Meghan pictured with her mother, Doria Ragland, who has spoken out for the first time about her daughter's relationship with Prince Harry

Meghan is shown here with Doria Ragland (her mother), who has spoken for the first-time about her daughter’s relationship and Prince Harry. 

Ms Ragland was asked if she can recall the first time she heard about the relationship.

“I began whispering “oh my God !’.’”

Meghan told her mother during that first call that she wanted to keep their relationship secret. Ms Ragland continued: “I also remember when I first met Harry (Harry), a 6’1 handsome, red-haired man with great manners.

“It was just really nice and they seemed really happy together, as if he was the right one… Once it became public that they were together, it seemed kinda like an novelty.

She The Duchess said that Meghan was’very mature’ as a child and ’empathic’, and that she viewed her more as a controlling older sibling’ than a mother.

The episode featured old footage and photos of Meghan as an infant.

Ms Ragland stated that paparazzi would take photos of poor neighborhoods in Los Angeles to claim that this was where Meghan grew.

She The Netflix documentary revealed that they took pictures of different parts, such as Skid Row, and said that was where I lived. 

Today’s Netflix release includes the timeline of Prince Harry & Meghan’s documentary series.  

September 2020 – Archewell Productions, the production company of the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex, has signed a $100 million deal with streaming giant Netflix.

July 2021 – Meghan announces her first project with Netflix: an animated series called Pearl. She was taking on the roles as ‘creator’ and ‘executive producer’ – marking her first time in the EP position. 

September – Spotted filming at the Global Citizen Live Event in New York 

April 2022 – Spotted filming in the Invictus Games at the Hague 

May According to reports, Netflix is attempting to make a docuseries in the style of the Duke and Duchess. 

Meghan’s animated series Pearl is dropped by Netflix as part of a wave of cutbacks prompted by the streaming service’s drop in subscribers. 

June – Couple was told they couldn’t film Jubilee celebrations. 

August – Meghan hints that the documentary could focus on their ‘love story 

September – The Queen is dead. The couple are trying to downplay what they have said about the royals in the documentary, according to reports. 

October – It was reported how the Duke and Duchess were ‘at odds’ with the production staff on their Netflix docuseries because the ‘panicked’ couple wanted to make ‘such extensive edits’ that the team believe the project could be ‘shelved indefinitely’.

In an interview Meghan seems to attempt to distance her self from the project.

She It was suggested that it was directed by Liz Garbus, a left-leaning filmmaker, ‘even though it may not be how we would have told it’.

It’s been announced that Prince Harry will release his memoir on January 10, and it will be called Spare. 

November – It was reported Prince Harry was trying to get Netflix to postpone the documentary until after Christmas so it was released at around the same time as his bombshell memoir.

It is claimed Prince Harry and Meghan first hired Oscar-nominated director Garrett Bradley for the series – before they had a falling out and she left.

Netflix is facing a lot of backlash for the fifth series of The Crown. Reports suggest that the streaming platform may delay the release of Harry and Meghan’s series as a response.

It is revealed that the couple will release their documentary on December 8. 

December 1 – The first trailer for the movie, which showcases a number of intimate images, is now available 

December 8 Part one of the documentary has been released 

December 15 Part 2 of the documentary will be released  

January 10, 2023 Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is due out