December 9, 2022

Australia considers kicking Russia’s ambassador out as Putin’s husband warns world ‘should be worried’ about Moscow nuclear attack

  • The Russian Ambassador Dr. Alexey Pavlovsky faces deportation from Australia
  • Dr. Pavlovsky said the world should be concerned about Russia’s nuclear threat
  • Foreign Minister Penny Wong said his deportation is ‘under consideration’
  • She announced on Sunday that Australia backs Ukraine’s claims of genocide



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Russia’s ambassador to Australia says the world ‘should be concerned’ about his country’s use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced on Sunday that Australia is backing Ukraine’s claims of genocide against Russia in the International Court of Justice.

The government has also imposed sanctions and travel bans on a further 28 senior Russian officials and separatists following “sham” referendums in four Ukrainian regions.

Russia’s ambassador to Australia Alexey Pavlovsky (pictured) says the world should be scared after Moscow threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine

Senator Wong said the expulsion of Russian ambassador Alexey Pavlovsky was ‘under consideration’ after Vladimir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons.

Dr. Pavlovsky told the nine newspapers that any diplomatic expulsion would be met with reciprocal action from Moscow.

Asked about the potential use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war, Dr. Pavlovsky: ‘Our military doctrine sets the conditions and situations for when nuclear weapons can be used by the Russian Federation.’

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Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko said the number of Russian diplomats accredited in Australia should match the number of Australians in Moscow.

‘It’s called reciprocity,’ he wrote on Twitter.

‘How many RUC diplomats work in AU? European nations have expelled over 500 Russian diplomats.’

Foreign Minister Penny Wong (pictured) announced on Sunday that Australia would support Ukraine’s claims of genocide against Russia and that the government was considering expelling Dr. Pavlovsky from the country

ANU International Security Professor John Blaxland said that while Ukraine receives support from the West, Russian recruited an additional 300,000 soldiers to the battlefield (pictured, Russian soldiers in Ukraine)

Sir. Myroshnychenko also reposted a video showing a donated Australian Bushmaster towing a captured Russian armored personnel carrier.

‘Good morning guys! Isn’t it beautiful?,’ he tweeted.

ANU International Security Professor John Blaxland has warned that the coming winter in the Northern Hemisphere will be ‘ugly’.

“We are looking down the barrel of a prolonged conflict,” he told Nine.

‘Neither side appears to be backing down. Ukraine continues to receive support from the West … and meanwhile the Russians are recruiting 300,000 or more soldiers who will trickle down in the coming months.’