February 8, 2023

This year, Apple is expected to launch its first cross-reality (XR) device in the form of a long-rumored VR headset, and in 2024 or 2025, it was believed the tech giant would follow up with a pair of glasses. AR. However, those plans appear to have been put on hold, with new reports indicating that Apple will focus its efforts on a cheaper VR headset.

Rumored to support mixed reality and virtual reality experiences, the Apple VR headset is one of the worst-kept secrets in tech, closely followed by Apple Glasses (AR specs from the Cupertino tech giant). These devices were expected to be Apple’s first forays into the XR space, but apparently plans have changed.

Apple’s XR headphones stay in place, but its AR glasses are on hold, according to a new Bloomberg (opens in a new tab) report, with sources familiar with the project telling the site that the launch of the glasses has been delayed “indefinitely.” Instead, Apple will apparently release a scaled-down (and cheaper) headset that will focus on MR and VR applications.

Meta Quest Pro

Apple’s XR devices will need to outperform rivals like the Meta Quest Pro (Image credit: Future)

Mind you, when we say they’re cheaper and cheaper, you have to keep in mind that we could still be talking about a headset that costs $1,500 / £1,500 / AU$2,500, or the same as the Meta Quest Pro.